So we decided to try to get ourselves the achievement for Black Temple… so roughly 15 of our members (all of the tanks, most of the healers, and a few DPS) and 10 PUG’d folks charged into the instance tonight.

Here’s what we’ve ran into so far…

Mother Sharaz – We killed her easily enough, just a lot of folks died because some of them like to follow the leader… and when you do that, you blow up your raid members also debuffed.  It really sucks.  But that’s fine, I got the trash healing cloak… and that’s all right with me.

Moving on…

The Illidari Council – I’d like to quote a guild member who called this loot council.  It’s not loot council when you PUG.  This game trains you in a few things, but the most predominant boss feature always has to do with moving out of things, or staying out of range, or keeping your distance… and it’s amazing how people can simply eff’ it up.  I mean, it’s raining FIRE.  Stop sitting in the FIRE.  FIRE IS BAD TO SIT IN.  One of those deals.

Our paladin tank keeps disconnecting… and I have to heal him.  And that really sucks because we have to keep him up.  And then the druid healer WITH me has been as spotty.  I can single heal pretty well, I mean… I’m definitely NOT a failure at the healing game, so.

Took 12 minutes to kill the Council… god, people keep letting the damn heals get through and I’m sitting at 100 mana for-ever.  Of course, nothing priest-ly dropped but we did get the Madness of the Betrayer (WHICH WENT TO ONE OF THE PUG’D PEOPLE).  In fact, a majority of loot went to the PuG’d folks…

I know what you might be thinking: why give PuG’d people a fair stab of loot over guildies?  Because we’re nice, we like the reputation of being nice, but we do kick people who eff’ stupid things up.  Trust me.  We are pro.

Next happens to be Illidan…

And we pulled him around 11:30 PM, only to die because our tank is just learning how to move smartly.  That’s fine, I like our female Tauren tank!  She’s kind of soft spoken, but… funny.

I wonder what will wipe us the 2nd time?

We got him down to 44%, but a lot of us died from Shadow Demons… you’d THINK people would be like “HAY EYEBALL DEMONS WAT LEMME SHOOT THEM”… but naw…

Oh well!

3rd wipe, Illidan finally remembered how to use the Eye Beams.  Then our male Tauren tank (Moore) exploded and I had crispy bacon all over the raid.  Tasty!

4th wipe, Moore went too far over and SHAZAM he died.  And then I did too!

5th wipe and closer: Got to 3rd phase, but idiots weren’t killing the Parasites OR killing Demons… ugh.

Overall, the major trend I see in my healing patterns are PoM and CoH equaling 80%, and then Renews and Greater Heals around 20%… but more about that later, am tired.