It’s really funny how I used to look at the 41 point holy priest talent and go “that’s the dumbest thing ever; it’s so situational and I’ll never seriously use it… at least I can grab Divine Spirit and Imp. DS, that makes me super awesome!”

Well, it’s not so much anymore.

Because CoH has a “smart healing” factor, I can see why it’s super ridiculous in raids… I mean, you target one person and the heals are rerouted to those who are the most injured.  Also, it’s spammable, an instant cast, can proc Inspiration (and Surge of Light, but pleh on that talent for now), and it’s just… well, ridiculous.

Blizzard, as you all may know by now, wants to nerf this spell (and a druid heal known as Wild Growth).  Their fear is that Priests will become a “one button healer”— this coming from pass throughs with healing meters and encounters where Priests are doing 90% CoH and 10% everything else.  But my problem with their reasoning: spamming CoH is just dumb.  It uses a LOT of your mana.  It only heals so much damage overall, you can’t really spam this on a Main Tank and expect him or her to live for very long.

I do recognize this makes any kind of AoE damage in an encounter almost useless if you have two holy priests in a 25-man raid.  You hit it twice, raid is filled to the brim.  I see this as a problem!  It makes an entire “gimmick” of a fight to be null and void.

Their solution to this healing dilemma is to increase the cooldown of CoH to 6 seconds.  The only issue I’d have with this is that if it stays at its current healing numbers, I wouldn’t spec into it even if they paid me.  I would rather just spec more into discipline, or put an extra point SOMEWHERE… surely there’s a place.  Maybe even Lightwell.  Don’t make me do it, I’m crazy.

Speaking of CRAZY, only a few more days until WotLK’s release.  I’m so excited; after doing beta, I want to do it for REALZ this time, yo.

Peace out!