So tonight, we went in with hope.  We went staring down Illidan with a rage born from wanting to see the anti-climactic ending.

And instead, we fell flat on our faces.  HARD.

Personally, it was quite do-able with the raid we had.  But people refused to do simple things… they refused to kill things with only 14k HP.  And these are people who are close to doorknob humping idiots are sustaining 1k throughout the entire night, who cannot kill simple mobs that have only one purpose.  TO MAIM WHOEVER IT’S TARGETTED TO.

Now, I might understand it could be overwhelming to people who’ve never stepped into a raid of this size.  But come on folks… you target ONE mob, it’s a dark purple glowy one-eye ball monster… and you poke it’s eye out.  Go go go.  Do something!  Stop waving your ar— aw, I’m dead…

I’m glad to know that even with that whole “Circle of Healing is overpowered waaaah” deal, I still came out as number 2 (behind ANOTHER CoH priest, damn you Norm)… and I still beat some druids.  And that’s all that matters now, right?