As I sit here, trying to do an outline for a college class… I think about Wrath of the Lich King.

I think about change.

This change is good.

For a long time, I haven’t raided with really good friends.  After creating a successful guild on Exodar (Horde-side), I had stopped playing in it and started raiding Alliance with another good friend of mine who had been in Shenanigans (but he had a crazy girlfriend who kept him from playing, note the word HAD) but rolled a Draenei shaman.

So I played my NElf hunter.  I did well enough in DPS, I got loots from everywhere… actually leveled ANOTHER priest to 70, but it never got to raid… then went back to my BElf priest, and transferred to Ysera.

It’s when I raid and I get to laugh, and I get to genuinely have a great time with the folks in Shenanigans who also decided to transfer, that makes me excited.  Getting to play with people who have way better experience, better theorycrafting skills, just better players makes me happy.  I get to share in the successes and become a better person that way.

These people are friends, not just guildies.  Some people say World of Warcraft is an addiction, but, it’s not that WoW is addicting… but just having fun with people you’ve gotten to know over 2 years of Ventrilo and forums and guild chat and kicking some raid boss butt is exciting.

I love you, Lowered Expectations.  You’re Shenanigans in spirit, but different in name.  And tomorrow, we’ll start a new era on Ysera’s horde side as a frighteningly amazing and successful transfer guild.

Love, Kitts.