I apologize for the long time of not updating this blog, but I’ve been too busy wrecking havoc upon the new content of WotLK and also maintaining a lovely spreadsheet with all of the loot that’s dropped and who it’s gone to.  I’m also leveling a friend’s paladin, so that has been taking up the rest of my time online.

Anyway, that’s no excuse to this topic, which I’ve been dealing with somewhat recently.

When you want to get a job, when you want to get a girlfriend, when you want to really do anything that requires other people involved, you need to be clean.  Maybe smell good.  Brush your teeth.  Comb your hair.  Don’t wear terrible clothing.  And above all else, be classy.  What you shouldn’t do is be a dull, inane, run of the mill human being with nothing terribly exciting about you or possibly, the opposite of the positive things you could be.

You have to be a sparkling gem among the muck you probably are surrounded by, and I’m not just talking about physical apperance.  You have to be on top of your game.  Aim to know more than your boss, but not so much that you override him or seem like you’re being a know-it-all (and no one likes those, right?).  You should have tact and grace and know when to speak and when not.  Basically, you just have to be smart.

Now, applications: I realize this game is not a job.  I know that.  Some of us like to make it that.  But some of us like to ask professionalism to those who want to play with us, because we take some aspect of this game seriously for how many hours per week on a raiding night.  So here are a few things you probably should or shouldn’t do on your application, regardless of whether it makes you more or less viable as a raider (and trust me, some of these you won’t like to hear!):

  1. Your Previous Guild Experience – Honestly, it’s important to know your previous experiences on the realm and with other people in that guild.  What you shouldn’t do is lie on this kind of question because on the off-chance the officer who reads your app asks your ex-guild master or ex-guildies… well, let’s hope you had good ones.  Let’s hope you’re not the guy who went AFK on the chest at Four Horsemen and pissed off 24 other people for 30 minutes.  Be honest if you might have chewed out people out when it’s not your job or when it’s inappropriate, or yelled drunkenly into Vent, or decided to ninja the AQ gates from someone (actually, don’t do that, you might get hurt).  I think the negatives will be surpassed by the positive truths you’re giving— you essentially are saying that you recognize what you did was wrong and that you would be best watched for those again.
  2. Capitalization, Punctuation, and Complete Sentences – If you are used to doing the right things in any online chat or instant messenger, I’m sure this will bug you.  No, this shouldn’t be the only reason someone gets denied but I would say that this will be the small thing that will be in your favor if you do this.  I think we equate bad players to having some of the worst typing habits and we don’t want to do this, but if you take some time to do everything properly it will reflect better on yourself.
  3. Knowing Your S*it – As I’m trying to be a classy person, I won’t curse… but you should definitely know your stuff going into any raiding guild.  If you want to be successful and get the loots, you have to know your things.  It’s obvious when someone does and when someone doesn’t, right?  Put any person who knows almost everything about his spec and role in a raid against someone who AFKs and sits there spamming one button… the results are usually quite clear.
  4. The Karma Card – Ever do something stupid to a lot of people, but don’t remember?  Well, those people may remember.  Treat everyone nicely, folks.  You never know when the one person you completely ripped off or cursed out could be the recruiting officer of a guild… you never know.

There are, of course, other factors.  But it’s these four things I’ve personally experienced the most.  How about you?  What have you experienced with your recruiting?