Earlier, I posted something called the Angry Dome, where it was more of my griping and anger being vented out in several points that may or may not have been directed at guild members.

Now, I’ll put some things that make me sad.  Honestly, there’s a few things that just make me… oh, wistful.  Somewhat melancholy.

Here they are.

  1. Hunters – I miss playing a hunter.  After raiding for a year as a holy priest in Burning Crusade, I left that position to go play a hunter.  I loved my hunter.  I did more content on it than on my priest.  I was actually decent too.  So in a way, after clearing most of the 25-man content in WotLK… I miss my hunter a lot.  I want to competitively DPS again.  You can’t get that out of healing meters because they just can’t compare.  My troll hunter alt is around 30 right now.  I also miss Steady Shot.  Jesus.
  2. School – I go back to classes on the 26th, and I’m not very excited.
  3. Going to Disney – I’m excited to go to Disney World.  Seriously.  But I’m saddened by the fact I might be missing our Sartharion 3-drake kill.  I’m happy if we do it, because we’d be passing some of the long-established guilds on the Horde side of Ysera, but… it’s not the same, and I’m sure some would agree.
  4. Chrono Trigger DS – Beat it too quickly.  SADFACE!
  5. MSNBC – Okay, stop following Obama’s children around and talking about their menus in their new school… it’s friggin’ sad.  STOP IT.
  6. Tanks who cannot think for their own and pop their own trinkets and cooldowns in order to keep the raid from dying – … /facepalm
  7. Viruses eating computers – One of my older desktop computers was destroyed by a very malicious trojan virus.  So we have to get another one, because the family uses those in order to do e-mail and AIM and other weird things that isn’t play WoW or blog.  Of course if certain family members didn’t click those ads that look so delectable, like “THERE ARE 1000000000000000 VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER CLICK ME TO ADD ONE MORE!”
  8. Pizza Hut – They put too much sauce on pizza.