“Within one raid lockout period, defeat every boss in Naxxramas on Normal Difficulty without allowing any raid member to die during any of the boss encounters.”

Kitts @ Ysera (US-PvE)

Kitts @ Ysera (US-PvE)

What’s two parts stressful, one part good luck, and one part quick reaction?  It’s the achievement that requires no deaths on any boss fight within a clear of Naxxramas 10.

Here’s a brief list of things you can and cannot do.

You can…

  • Die on trash pulls.
  • Die on the “Frogger” after Patchwerk.

You cannot by any means…

  • Die on a boss encounter (e.g. you are in combat with a boss and you die).

On paper, this achievement doesn’t seem that difficult: Naxxramas 10 is pretty easy, and gets easier as you have more gear and have a better idea of each fight as you do it over and over again.

However this achievement is ridiculous.  Some guilds who cleared 25-man content very fast still can’t do this.  The answer to winning a goal as strict as this is to make sure you have people who follow some criterion:

  1. Do their job better than others! There is probably tanks, healers, and DPS in your guild that are great at what they do.  But it’s the people who truly excel and perform better in almost all categories (e.g. tanking/DPSing/healing, not dying due to silly things, controls threat and DPS) that you need in this run.  This may mean a “stacked” group.  Some people might feel hurt— but it needs to be understood that if you mess up, it is on you.  There are guilds that don’t hold their members to their faults— this is a terrible tactic because you cannot be gentle on those who cannot follow a simple task.
  2. Don’t crumple under pressure! Psychologically, this is a very hard achievement because of the mental anxiety of “I hope it’s not me that dies”.  This is a very difficult thing to master unless you’re used to high pressure situations.  Even the most skilled player can make mistakes when it feels like everything is on them. Remind your raiders that they are a team, because the pressure is on everyone… not just on that individual.  It might be wise to also make sure beforehand what everyone needs to be aware of— during some cases of stress, some senses can get heightened at the cost of “narrow vision”.  Narrow vision is dangerous, because it forces you to hone in on one thing where there might be two or three things that could cause a wipe.  And that’s not what you want on Kel’Thuzad at 10% and someone dies to a Frost Blast, right?
  3. Work together as a team! You want people on this raid that can work well together.  You also want a raid composition that makes sense.  You don’t want to bring all the same type of DPS with the same specs (although this is rare), and you don’t want to bring all melee and no ranged.  Make sure you are bringing the right classes and specs for the job… the right buffs and debuffs can make a difference in terms of killing a boss before someone dies.

If you’ve a veteran to Naxxramas, you obviously know what will wipe a raid and what won’t, so I will not supply individual boss information in that sort of detail.  I can say that the hardest stress points for a competent 10-man group will be:

  • Heigan (because of his dance),
  • Thaddeus (because of charges),
  • Four Horsemen (because things probably go wrong here more often than not),
  • Sapphiron (because of Chill, Drain Life, and Deep Breath mistakes),
  • And finally… Kel’Thuzad (Frost Blast, Void Zones, off-tank death due to no heals).

I will say that we are lucky to have gotten this done so early with a group that was mostly stacked.  But it’s very possible if you can coordinate well and just have faith in your group.  Remember to take it easy: you may not want to go for those 10-man Naxxramas achievements when you’re doing this one.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t forget anything in here (hopefully it was pertinent), and good luck.  You and your raid will need it!