There are some things that I can suggest you can do when you wait for new content.  If you’re a guild, like ours, who currently clears content relatively well in 2 days of the week, you can do other things in WoW!  Of course, it’s obvious what a few of them are, but it’s always nice to have it in a list format.  :) I’ve pretty much done these things in this list so far, so enjoy…

  • Roll an alt! – An alt is so easy to level now from level 1 if you have the heirloom gear.  You’ll easily one shot mobs in the starting zone, and most mobs will die in only a few hits as you level up.  It’s always nice to level up something you’ve never done, or are familiar with but want to do it differently.  For example, I’ve played almost every class but paladin, warrior, and rogue.  So I rolled a paladin, grabbed myself the Bloodied Arcanite Reaper, threw a Crusader enchant on it… and you can go to town!
  • Revisit an old character! – Not only did I roll a paladin, but I went back and visited my hunter.  You miss these kind of things, I hope, and nostalgia is a fun feeling.
  • Achievements! – There are many achievements in the game that do take some time to accomplish, such as the Loremaster ones.  It may be a very long grind, but I’m sure there is some major reward to doing it.
  • Another game? – If you’re a video gamer, you might have other games in your house.  I suggest playing those.  I love to replay my favorite games, like Chrono Trigger… or Resident Evil.  How about some Half-Life?  There’s a lot of alternatives out there to WoW as well, and if you have the coin, it’s always nice to try out something for a month if you are able to.  Right now, I play Warhammer Online with a friend, and it’s cool that I’m able to do other things than heal in that game and still feel accomplished.
  • Read a book. – Reading is power.  I’ve started to read again.  :)  Of course, it’s all fiction stuff, but it’s still reading…
  • Grind a profession or reputation – You can go and grab old reputations if you haven’t already.  It takes some time, but almost every class should be able to do it with relative ease.
  • Get a Baron mount – Running Undead Stratholme is great if you want Baron Rivendare’s mount.  How this all fits in WoW lore… him being in there… is a little beyond me.  It’s not like we travel through time when we do expansions, right?  Are we going into the past?  I’m scared.

What do you do when you’re bored in WoW?  Out of WoW?  What keeps you interested?