I know what you’re thinking: “Gee, Kitts is angry again?  This is impossible!  He’s never angry.”  People in Lowered Expectations would have to disagree, because usually in one evening of raid, I’ll have something to be very angry about.  There’s always something to be angry about.  So I return to my glass dome of solitude, in hopes I get angry about something people also get angry for.

There’s no disclaimer here.  There may be a curse word.  Close your eyes if you’re afraid of a few.

  1. Arrogance: To say you’re good when you’re good is fine, just don’t do it often.  But don’t complain how your PUG is full of morons and yet you still can’t push 2k.  I mean, come on.  Let’s be serious.  If I, the worst DPSer in the world, can beat you in DPS… there’s a problem. You have perfectly fine gear, you actually HAVE gear, so you should be doing something better.  And don’t bitch when you do get kicked out of a raid for low numbers and relatively bad general performance, because when you tell everyone how great you are, and your greatness level is not surprisingly 50% of someone else’s… I worry about the name you’re giving our guild.  So please get better before you start spouting “this PUG is full of morons because I’m winning the meters”.  I’m pretty sure you’re included.
  2. Posting Pictures on Forums: Just going to give the initials of what I really want to say “SB” and “FBN”.  Check photos for things that are kind of ridiculous before you put them up, please.  No, it’s not pornography in any way, shape, or form… but… it’s pretty damn ridiculous.
  3. Knowing it All: There’s this kid in one of my music history classes that likes to spout out completely ridiculous and unnecessary answers to questions.   It’s like being asked what 1+1 is, and your answer becomes “well, because 1 is a number that only represents an individual, and there are two of them, I believe if we add these two individual numbers, we get a number larger than itself, therefore, it’s two”.  It’s like you’re trying to sound super smart about music… but here’s the problem: if you have to explain it like that to a class full of non-music majors, you’re not looking smart.  You look like a dick. And to actual music majors, you sound like the largest tool in the world.  Oh yes, we’re going GLOBAL for comparison.  My protip to everyone: if you know everything, don’t be throwing it out everywhere… because that’s a jerk move.  Just use your knowledge when needed.  It’s not necessary to over-complicate things plus make people hate you.  True story.
  4. I Can’t Believe It!: If you pull aggro off of Sartharion after the druid tank dies, it’s not something you’re doing.  And don’t act like you’re DPSing so hard on the drakes that Sartharion is like “OMG THIS RAIDER IS TOTALLY SERIOUS BUSINESS *NOM*“.  Bad news: you’re not DPSing that hard, and stop whining about your DPS.  The game isn’t broken.  We have another warlock who out performs you.  So step it up and find out what the issue is, or at least ask questions.  This game isn’t called “hand everything on a silver platter”.  It’s called “we have an expectancy for you to know your class better and better every day, and your performance should reflect this”.  So holy crap, do something different.
  5. Blue Void Zones: Apparently, blue void zones are harder to acknowledge than the previous camoflauge red ones.  I mean, just because it’s a different color doesn’t mean it’s less dangerous.  Also, void zones don’t just pop and kill you immediately… it takes time.  So stop handing out excuses about them, we don’t believe them because the truth is that you are dead.  It says “DEAD” in the Grid, “DEAD” in WWS, and “DEAD” in my brain because that’s all I expect you to do in a Sartharion fight.  You’re trying to argue that you weren’t in it but you were dead, so what killed you?  The Acme Void Zone Anvil?  I should buy a few for Ulduar.
  6. Twilight: … sucks.  Hi Michelle.  I’m telling you, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is a CLEAR WINNER for book clubs!
  7. Ulduar: I hope our guild is capable enough to do it.  There are small things like decursing that we still sometimes fail on.  And we can’t afford to fail it.  We can say as much as we want as raid leaders but it is still up to them to follow through.  I don’t want to have to rely on two people for a job that could be way easier if ten did it.  I wish our guild would step it up in terms of DeePS too… there are people who are doing fine but could be performing stronger in general.  I love our guild.  I just worry Ulduar will be so hard that we’ll never get through it.  I also worry it’ll be not hard enough so we lose interest.  But we’ll see.

That’s it for our latest installment of the Angry Dome.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back… me and my Angry Dome.  >:|