WordPress has this neat little thing that tells you what people were searching for when they come onto your Blog.  Seeing how I’m blessed with roughly 60 unique visitors on most days, I figure I might as well give a broad answer concerning their topic when they found this place.

And shazam:

  • “Kel’Thuzad frost blast priest”: When I run into a Frost Blast during the KT fight, 10 or 25 man, I usually hit my Penance for an easy heal.  If you’re not blessed with a Penance, or perhaps you used it recently before the FB… I suggest a combination of PoM, Flash Heal, PW:S, or Circle of Healing if possible.  Remember that it deals more than 100% of the person’s health, so even if they are at full health, they will still drop.
  • “Off-tank threat”: If your off tank is pulling threat off of your MT, consider switching the two’s roles.  If it’s an issue doing that, you may want to make sure hunters and rogues are using their threat-manipulating skills to the fullest.  All tanks should be aiming to be above DPS.  Also, if there are still issues, consider using an add-on to oversee threat better… sometimes we assume that all tanks will be having no problems.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.
  • “Patchwerk discipline priest requirements”: I don’t believe too strongly in healing requirements for fights.  If you’re able to keep a person alive and maintain strong MP5, then you’ll be fine.  I do suggest keeping up PW:S regardless of what tank you’re on, and if things look bad… remember the best theoretical rotation: Shield -> Penance -> Greater Heal -> Mending.  We use the Shield first to get Borrowed Time (next spell hastened that has a cast time), Penance to get the cooldown started, Greater Heal gets hastened by BT, and then Mending to put that cooldown.  By that time, Penance should be close to up.  Renew is optional but always good.
  • “Funny ways to wipe a raid”: There are no funny ways, because if you’re trying to create a wipe, shame on you!

Any other questions people have?  Ask me!  I can usually scrounge up an answer or two, and sometimes I might have actual experience with the topic!