• Restoration Druid ! = Discipline Priest. I have to remember the durations of HoTs, probably should investigate some cast timers to make sure I don’t waste my mana.  I should also get some enchants, read up on Druid healing tactics.  I’m not going to toss my Priestess away, but I am trying to extend my horizons beyond just discussion.  I also look forward to doing some tanking, but it’ll be difficult versus some of our hard-hitting DPSers!
  • Loot council tonight was difficult for me personally. It’s hard to argue for something when you know it might work out eventually.  I hate feeling like it might not.  As a loot council member, things should be fair at the moment and also in the future.  Balance is difficult but we have to swallow our prides and just hope things don’t go south.  Other than that, great evening.
  • Why do people still die to stupid things? I’m so sick of watching people pull aggro after an aggro wipe, people dying to void zones, people not being aware of disease clouds.  It’s these simple things that will destroy us in Ulduar.  I don’t understand.  There are only so many times you can blame lag… and if you’re ignoring the small things, you’re ignoring the difference between good and great.  The devil is in the details.
  • Attendance being an issue. There’s always this huge correlation between stagnant, farmable content and new content.  But it sucks it has to happen now.  We need dependable people who can raid the two or three evenings that we actually do things.  BTW, Lowered Expectations is recruiting for farmable content and Ulduar when it comes out.  We have amazing players, great leadership, and I love/hate everyone.  We could use healers.  And a few DPS.  Check our website out in the links to the side.
  • Other stuff… on a non-WoW note, the percussion piece I wrote is getting performed in a few days in a concert.  I hope the students learned the music almost perfectly, because I want it to at least be passable.