The title does not speak enough volumes of how I sometimes feel, but, here it goes:

My guild (our guild, the leadership’s) on Ysera (US-PvE), Lowered Expectations is a great guild.  There is much potential in every member and it makes me proud to announce every accomplishment we have done.

I’m sad because I’m falling behind.  Not in terms of loot, not in terms of skill… but in terms of being able to raid.

Two nights a week is what our raiding schedule is.  We usually do Tuesday and Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday.  The issue with my schedule is that I am in college and I’m a music major.

What does this equal?

Evening commitments.

And it’s kind of depressing.  I love the guild, and I love  the people in it.  But it’s a struggle between balance and I’ve never been a person to do that well enough to keep sane.

What does this post mean?  It doesn’t mean I’m quitting World of Warcraft.  I suppose it’s just validation of my core: music (composition, performance, and education) must take priority over video games.

I will keep posting about WoW, though.  I love it too much to throw it away.  It’s a part of my life and it has helped me become more assertive in my teaching skills.