I’ve decided to forgo pleasant words.  From this post on, I’m going to be… more ranting, a little less professional, but still informative.  Hooray for anger!

Lowered Expectations decided to handle where the legendary healing (speculative!!!) mace will go through a vote.  Because we are loot council and because we decided we want the democratic view versus our own specialized one, we went with this.

The primary issue with a vote system like this, is that it can easily become a popularity contest: meaning, if you have more friends in a guild, you can easily win if they choose you for the wrong reasons.  We also cannot forget corruption (something no one in Lowered Expectations would resort to; we know our members, we know everyone, we don’t keep people who would throw a vote) because it is unfortunately human nature, no matter the virtuosity of the person.

The thing that sucks (and I mean, SUCKS) is that we have three officers in the running (resto druid, resto shaman, myself).  Add in that two of the seven healers are not Shenanigans-natives, and that kind of hurts their chances, one of them being new to the guild (as of two weeks or so).

We cannot tell why people are voting.  We cannot force them to tell the reasons.  I might be the only officer who is somewhat outraged about this.  And to answer your question: yes, I am currently “losing” the vote.  I say “losing” because whoever wins will still use the legendary to its greatest potential.  But even if I was winning, I’d still worry about the integrity of the people voting for me.  I’d worry that people would be voting for me not just because I’m a kick-ass healer, but that I’ve known (and seen) these people and are great friends.

Who can’t not feel that way?  Who hasn’t seen television shows, movies, plays… ANYTHING in the real world that truly supports “the best worker wins always”.  The world is not fair.  I think it should be.  All of our healers (3 holy priests, 1 discipline priest, 1 resto shaman, 1 resto druid, 1 holy paladin) have merits and have contributed to our overall progression.  We don’t take morons into raids.  We make sure they’re qualified and improve all the time.  And without them, we couldn’t have gotten to this point.

So how do we do this fairly?  I don’t know.  The problem is that, because I am “losing”, it will always look like I’m a sore loser.  But it upsets me; it’s the general concept of not knowing what made me less of a potential.  If I’m not a good healer, or I’m doing something wrong (in any activity), I want to know.  And to be honest, there’s no one qualified to really gauge this effectiveness.  Keeping people alive is an objective.  It’s not the best outcome.

To be honest, it’s that point that pisses me off.  If I don’t “win”, then how do I know how to improve?  If I can’t get a straight answer, then there’s only so many other reasons.  You can only give so many.

It’s not like I hate the person who is leading in votes; I like him, he’s a great healer, tends to exaggerate a little too much… but he’s still fantastic, and I rely on his expertise on numerous accounts.  It just ticks me off that this vote essentially can be interpreted as “this person is better than x others”, “this person is doing something that everyone else isn’t”, or “this person has more friends”.  That isn’t fair.  If other healers take it as any of those three things, there are issues.  And how can we improve as a team if we’re all pissed about something?  Not to mention, if he ever does anything that isn’t humble, I’m going to RAGE QUIT (jaykay Sam, don’t have a conniption)

Hindsight is 20/20.  I wish we handled it differently.  We could call the vote a “popular” vote and then use that as a guideline.  Is that cheating people out?  Kind of.  But even our country is lead by a popular and then an electoral.  I wouldn’t mind doing that…

In other news, other than the chopfuck that is our own version of Democracy, Resident Evil 5 releases today and I am excited because Sartharion 3 doesn’t excite me anymore.  We made a few mistakes last night but that was because apparently the void zones and flame walls are still a difficult mechanic to handle.  Good thing there aren’t fights that use a similar mechanic at all— oh wait.  I still don’t understand how someone can not do that fight.  You look at things.  These things hurt.  Don’t stand or be in those things.  It’s not hard.

(Yes, that is what she said.)

I’m finding that Discipline priests are getting a kick to the proverbial balls when it comes to mana regeneration.  Losing Rapture (in its current Live form) hurts.  Keeping up shields all the time is less reactionary, more “have to do this to keep mana up”.  It’s almost just a free shield, really.  Other than keeping up Weakened Soul for bonus crit, it looks like I may have to play /stopcast again.  I may end up doing the 5-SCR dance again… ew.