• Priest T8 Healer 2P Bonus — Increases the critical heal chance of your Prayer of Healing by 10%.
  • Priest T8 Healer 4P Bonus — Casting Power Word: Shield also grants you 15 250 spell power for until canceled 5 seconds.

The 2 piece bonus is not amazing.  Depending on what role you fill, this could be very nice for Discipline priests that heal Raid… if you had 5 Divine Aegis procs!  To be honest, it’s very role-specific and not something I’d rather keep… I like using Prayer of Healing, but seeing as it’s somewhat mana inefficient unless the party needs 5 Flash Heals, no thank you.

It’s being speculated that the number 15 is actually a typo, and we could be looking at 150.  At the same time, it would probably have some set duration, requiring some effort for uptime.

Edit: Apparently, the spell power bonus is 250 for 5 seconds, and it hasn’t been determined whether there is an internal cooldown mechanic…  this would mean a PW:S into a Penance would be very important, and then possibly the Greater Heal/Flash Heal afterward.  It also means we’d have to keep shields up on many people at once to keep spell power bonus up.  It still means we’re more spammy than we should be, but as long as we pay attention… bonus spell power party!

Super Edit #2: Wait, so… apparently it may be 250 spell power UNTIL CANCELED.  Holy crap.  /faint

For our Holy counterparts, PW:S is a little on the  mana inefficient side… but I have a feeling it’ll still get used either way.

I guess it means I’ll want to be a ninja quicker than anyone else.  :)