I’m a little miffed to be honest.  We’re heading into the supposed final stretch (with almost 1 GB of changes from Blizzard) of the 3.1, and I’m not very happy.

Meanwhile, Blizzard seems to be pleased with what they’ve done to the Discipline tree.  Me?  Not a very happy camper.

But here’s a list of things that make me angry.  Enjoy.

  1. Mana Regeneration – Back in the day, we could have a lot of mana potion hits every 2 minutes.  We’d have to be careful, but you could still get through fights without too much mana conservation.  Now?  I have a feeling we’ll be struggling for mana.  I think that we’ll need to focus on more intellect, more spirit/mp5; reason is because our shield’s regeneration only gains power when we have a larger mana pool and that we gain more from Replenishment. Factor in we’re losing the stacking power of Mana Spring (Shaman) and Blessing of Wisdom (Paladin), and I think this could be a huge issue.  Meanwhile, classes like Shaman (who get Water Shield) and Paladin (Illumination talent) will stay the same with their current regeneration models… but they may get stuck healing the damage we can’t particularly cover.  I want to say Druids will stay the same too, but to be honest, I don’t know.  From what I understand, the Lifebloom change is kind of interesting but hurts those who wish to roll them (1 LB is supposed to be pretty potent).  Priests got nailed hard, and I wish they’d do something other than just nerf one class’ mana regeneration talents.
  2. The Hymns – I still really, REALLY hate channeling spells.  I realize that Divine Hymn is really hot, what with the “smart healing” factor.  I just think this conflicts with Blizzard’s mentality of “good guilds move out of AoEs, bad guilds don’t and heal through” (e.g. Chill in Sapphiron, void zones that don’t OHKO, etc).  You want to make a heal that requires us to kind of sit for some time when there are quite a few fights with AoEs that will destroy us.  Okay.  That makes… limited sense.
  3. The Immortal – Sorry, I had to add this in here.  Our guild has been trying for it.  I like when we die due to stupid things.  This past week, one of our tanks decided to NOT build aggro, squishing our poor enhancement shaman immediately. Good news though, I didn’t have to heal that fight at all because this tank was the one I was supposed to heal.  Joy.

This is now a special list regarding what not to do on a World of Warcraft, serious guild, application.  We’ve had examples of each frrom people in the past month.  Shocked? Read on!

  1. If you can’t link your own Armory page, please get out.
  2. If you can’t spell words actually on the application page, please get out.
  3. When you’re describing yourself, do NOT say general phrases like “i like to eat and play”.  Get out.
  4. Telling us that you are not a noob. To be honest, your Armory page should reflect this… we can look at your achievements.  We can also find out what guilds you were in.  Just get out.
  5. When we ask you for your WotLK raiding experience… the answer is not your availability to raid.  Get.  Out.
  6. Honesty is pretty awesome, but when you say that you are a raiding initiate in another guild and you lie on your application about your professions (and we can look at your Armory paaaaage~)… yeah.  Dumb.
  7. … also, if you’re in a guild, you’re there to raid, not to make excuses.  Dumb!
  8. If you’re a troll, or on a blacklist of some sort… no.
  9. If you are completely missing Sons of Hodir rep right now… if you have 0.  If you have less than 1.  Holy shit.  No!
  10. And finally… if you’ve apped 3 times and was declined each time, harassed members asking if we’re recruiting (and btw, we do have a website and you’ve obviously been there because you’ve apped 3 times), and directly asked officers for an invite (AKA lying) when you weren’t accepted in the first place… fucking get out.

That’s all for now!  I love applications.  :D