I suppose there’s a rhyme and reason for why I don’t post too much about the events in WoW.  For the most part, we have limited our own raiding evenings to twice a week.  I can usually only make one of them, due to work and college obligations.

However, when Ulduar releases, I’m sure I’ll have more things to fuel my anger.

Even with that, there are a few things that keep my attention in between classes and work commitments, such as…

  • Fallout 3
  • Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2
  • On the Precipice of Darkness: Episode One and Two
  • Left4Dead

While this is mainly a WoW-related blog, I can’t help but feel like these things are pretty freaking entertaining when I can’t muster up the attention span to grind through another round of Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord.

(Note: My hunter is 70, I have a warlock at 70… so many things to level, so little time!)

But I might as well make note of two things in the “Priest” universe:

  1. Power Word Barrier: To be honest, this idea was kind of sketchy in the first place.  Also because we have no CD on PW:S anymore… the only thing that really stops us is the GCD.  Not to mention, PW:B would almost have to be like PoH for me: the question being “is there enough just cause to use this ability when mana efficiency is important” (e.g. “Would I rather Flash Heal them?”).  This also depends on whether it’d take advantage of Rapture or not! Usually, when I use PoH, it’s if I feel like the 4 other people in my group and myself need a Flash Heal and if it’s not an emergency (but we have damage accumulated).  Most of the time, it’s unwarranted because of Druids and Beacon of Light and Circle of Healing, so… yeah.  It was cool while it lasted though.  Blizzard said they will probably not return to this idea.
  2. Arenas: I love the disparity between the US arena teams and the Europe ones.  One priest in the top 10 (and in the bottom 5) in the US; five priests (4 in the top 10) in Europe.  What is this nonsense.

Okay, small post I know… :p  But hey, just got done a project on the World’s Columbian Exposition: Chicago World’s Fair about the functionality of the “From Foreign Lands” suite and why it was included!