Now, you’d think I’d get used to this.

But patch days suck.

My favorite part was the “wait for another hour for updates” moment that happened… oh, until 9 PM-ish.  That was the best time of my life.  [/sarcasm]

Log on, get into Ulduar… get super excited, and then WHAM-O!

“How come everyone is running in place?” from 6-7 people in Ventrilo.


So we wait for a hour.  Still broken.  Finally, Northrend came back up… then promptly killed itself as everyone went “OH HAY”.


I, however, download Zombieville USA on my iPod touch (2nd generation, thanks) and blow zombies up.

Still though, a few things that I noted:

  • The Argent Tournament seems prettty cool, but I put money on it going the way of the Shattered Sun Offensive… they put so much work into things like that and then it goes “baibai”.
  • Shielding your entire raid is fun, but having no mana is not fun.
  • Somehow, 4 guilds on our server dropped the first 2 encounters… meanwhile, our guild was stuck in limbo.  What the hell is that shit?
  • Looking up “douchebag” in some online dictionaries can lead you to a trap.
  • I think the new Devouring Plague tooltip is hot.

I wish I had something more substantive than a guy can repair and give you some poisons and reagents at the start of Ulduar, but that’s kind of it for now.  I do note that having a new laptop since I tried doing PTR has worked wonders… going from a 128 MB video card to a 512 MB video card and having 2 more GBs of RAM (2 to 4) and having some Intel Turbo Memory to play with has really changed what the game looks like.

Oh, and to be honest… the new graphics choice for models makes some difference, I can tell there is less boxiness to some faces.  Hot.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something useful?  :E