Razorscale: Supposedly used to be Veranus, Thorim’s blue proto-drake mount (also a Broodmother).  She obviously is not the same happy blue creature you met earlier out in The Storm Peaks during one of the major “story” chains.



Because you can find a lot of interesting facts about the fight here and here, I’ll let you know what we actually did that seemed to work for our group.

Raid Composition:

  • Three tanks: Protection Paladin, Feral Druid, Protection Warrior.
  • Seven healers: 1 Holy Priest, 1 Discipline Priest, 1 Restoration Druid, 1 Restoration Shaman, 3 Holy Paladin.
  • Fifteen DPS: 3 Death Knights, 3 Rogues, 1 DPS Warrior, 1 Enhancement Shaman, 2 Mages, 1 Warlock, 2 Hunters, 1 Boomkin, 1 Shadow Priest.

Role Call:

  • Our tanks all assigned themselves to a direction (assuming you are staring straight out from where you enter Razorscale’s Aerie from): Feral Druid watched the left, Protection Warrior watched right, and Protection Paladin watched center.  It was important that if we did not get a Sentinel, we clumped all mobs on top of each other for quick AoE from the raid.  If we did get a Sentinel, we separated him from the rest: ranged focused on it while the melee focused on the other adds.
  • I assigned one healer per tank, and had four healers on the raid.  The fireball damage is random and can be devastating if it hits a person more than three times.  The quicker reaction speed, the better your raid will be.
  • Melee DPS had to be super careful of the Sentinel’s Whirlwind, which would quickly level the raid considering the Chain Lightnings and the occasional Devouring Flame.  They had to be aware especially of those flames during phase 3.
  • Ranged DPS had to burn down Sentinels as soon as the tank got a hold of them, and had to watch out for the same things as melee DPS.
  • Compared to other strategies, ours was more… liberal.  Our DPS was just told to kill things.  To be honest, group setting may be smart but depending on how your guild works, you might just get away with “CHARGE”-method.


Phase One

  • Razorscale is chilling out in the air, spitting nasty Fireballs that do 11k to 12k damage.  This can be mitigated a little by Fire Resistance totem/aura, so it’s helpful to have this.  She will also drop down flames (Devouring Flame) that sit on the ground (see: void zones) that cause 8.7k to 10k damage on initial hit (you will take one tick if you happen to be in that spot) and then if you hang around, you’ll keep taking that much damage per second.  It has a 6 yard range and will be there for 25 seconds, so don’t back into them.
  • As a side note, if anyone is below half of their health from one Fireball, chances are they need to be healed instantly because they can get killed by another one if there is no healing on that person.
  • Also during this time, adds spawn through little drills on the ground.  There are three types.  Two of them are not “fatal”, and can be quickly AoE’d down (they look like Iron Dwarves… one uses Stormstrike— dispel this immediately, the other casts Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt).  The other type is called a Sentinel, and they have a nasty Whirlwind (30k to 40k damage to a cloth-wearing class).  They are larger than the other two adds, and this model should be familiar to you if… well, you’ve played this game.
  • During this phase, the Dwarves you talked to earlier (to start the event) will be repairing turrets behind you.  Have a ranged DPS stick back here and activate them… you can activate them as they pop up, or wait until all are repaired and hit 3.  The purpose of waiting is to ensure you have no Sentinels running all over the place while your DPS is gathering for a second phase.

Second Phase

  • Razorscale will be lowered to the ground.  Your raid must get her down to 50% as soon as possible.
  • Adds that are up should be controlled by your tanks.
  • Be wary as she will breathe fire on your raid as she lifts up (Flame Breath, does a lot of damage… roughly 20k).  She will also knock people up into the air with a Wing Buffet.
  • You will rinse and repeat the first two phases until she gets to 50%.  If you go past 3 of these second phases, you will probably wipe.

Third Phase

  • Razorscale stays on the ground when she hits 50%.  Adds will stop spawning (as they don’t during phase two regardless).  Tanks will need to rotate in order to keep Fused Armor from stacking more than twice (it can stack up to 5 times).  If it gets to 5, the tank will not be able to move or use abilities.  This debuff slows you down, so it’s important to rotate using taunts.  Be prepared for resists and do not panic.
  • A Flame Buffet debuff will start stacking on the entire raid, causing extra fire damage.  This means don’t stand in blue fire and don’t stand in front of the dragon because they do breathe occasionally.  You cannot dispel this: the debuff is simply a “soft” enrage.  You can always trigger the real one by being slow, though.

Either way, Razorscale will enrage in 10 minutes.  This will be a wipe.  The fight hinges on your DPS being fast enough to get Razorscale to her third phase; if you don’t, the enrage will kick in and you are dead.

More than likely, I’m forgetting something.  Feel free to comment on what!

Kitts’ Observations of Discipline Healing (now with 100% firsthand experience!):

To be honest… I may have… “over-exaggerated” my fears.

That’s impossible!

Not really.  I like heralding a lot of doom and gloom because usually with the anger comes pessimism.

But to be honest, I don’t think I was far off from what I was expecting.  I do think the Hymns are better than expected but in a fight like Razorscale where a person can immediately drop in two hits… it wasn’t the best fight to do it.

I can see how it can be very effective.  The question is whether the ticks of healing you get in will be enough to heal.  With support from other healers, it’s very awesome.

Right now my Divine Hymn ticks for roughly 7.2k with the bonus.  It’s not bad.

Now, Hymn of Hope… ahh, that’s hot.  I enjoy the mana increase, I enjoy the restoration.  The only issue is that I don’t want to hit that thing while I’m healing, so it requires a little bit of time.  It doesn’t take forever, so that’s always great.

In terms of mana regeneration, I felt the squeeze on Razorscale.  I got down to about 4k mana (after using Shadowfiend once and used Arcane Torrent twice) when we killed her.  My shield gives me slightly more mana than it costs, so… it’s almost free (which is good).  Even though I don’t have a solid WWS from last night, I can tell you I ended up 2nd on the healing meters (awesome) for the killing attempt.

(But that might speak more about our healers than about me, haha!)

Anyway, small updates in the future are planned for the content we’ve cleared in 10 man last night (and hopefully tonight too).