Just when you thought it was safe to leave your house…


So, what is Kitts pissed off about this past raiding week?

A lot of things.  But one thing is arrogance.

I believe arrogance is a part of life we all have to deal with.  I don’t think anyone particularly enjoys hearing someone spouting off about how easy something is, and how good of a player they are, and why it’s everyone else that caused the wipe.

The guild that I’m in, Lowered Expectations, is a solid raiding group with a lot of potential and ability and knowledge.  We’re all pretty cool and chill and know what we need to do.  But what we don’t do is follow through.

We don’t get it done.

This happens frequently, I think, that you see the end and then suddenly someone messes up… so you completely lose focus and you make a mistake.  Then others follow and then you have a wipe.

I think we focus too much on that kind of problem.  Maintaining focus and not panicking is something not taught in school, but through learning how you are able to handle that kind of stress better and compartmentalizing it so it doesn’t affect you strongly.

Either or: we just couldn’t get it done last night with the XT-002 Deconstructor.  Our best attempt had him down to 200k health.  It was just… plain rough.  And it wasn’t really our DPS that was the issue: one of our raiders pointed out we needed to sustain 75k DPS… and we were pulling at least 90k.

Our strategies may have been faulty, but no one said anything at all.  That hurt us a lot as well.

I have to stress that as a leader, I focus on the things I know I can describe and tell.  But I don’t know what else is going on unless someone says something.

But back to arrogance: a few individuals kept stating prior to the raid last night that this fight… was easy.

Well, I hate to say it: but you’re wrong.  The fights aren’t necessarily easy.  They are made so if you don’t do it properly, no matter how you come at it and how good your DPS is… you’re not going to succeed.

I like to think of it like this… every fight has a gimmick.  When you determine the gimmick and you play off of it and you do it well, you win.

XT’s gimmick is his heart.  If you are able to almost destroy it every time without killing it… you’re doing your job right.

The problem is that during that phase, those adds are coming for you… and you have to pay attention and make sure those bombs aren’t blowing up your raid or that the Pummelers aren’t beating up on raiders.  We have to make sure our ranged DPS can contribute on the heart and kill those adds as they get close!  This means we may need to spread out our DPS smarter…

So we have to work with that now.

I also have to mention what really, REALLY infuriates me… people who tell us a lot of their own individual problems but can’t figure out stuff for themselves NOR have the prerogative to do something different and help out the raid.

This comes to another issue that I’ll probably touch on with a leadership post later, but it’s essentially boiled down to: strategies are plans.  We refer to them but they can’t win for us.  If you can’t just take that fact by itself, then… oh boy.  It’s the same with people who look at Elitist Jerks or other websites to help them for their DPS or healing or tanking… they follow it like the “only rule and no deviation”.  It’s just a freaking manual.  It doesn’t do the job for you.  Figure out your own niche, and you’ll succeed.