Well, that was… less than informative.

I will say that the presentation was more aimed at a broader audience, sadly.  I wish there was more content about the development of WoW.

But I did learn that they use a doughnut as a model for success: the cakey part is the casual base while the hole is the hardcore.  There’s a lot more cake, but you can’t ignore the hole (or it’s pretty much not a doughnut and you failed already).

I also have to say that Ghostcrawler did mention Sindragosa in 3.3! I thought that was a tasty tidbit amongst the kind of general information that he spread out.  Another important thing he mentioned was that we shouldn’t expect a hero class every new expansion, and that if it did happen, he was kind of half and half on the starting at level 55 deal that Death Knights got…

Another thing that they want to do to the old world levels are to kind of buff them and make them more interesting (e.g. Dustwallow Marsh).  The three zones he listed off the top of his head that probably needed big changes to make them enjoyable are Darkshore, Stonetalon Mountain, and the Barrens (he mentioned that he didn’t like the fact northern and southern Barrens were both different levels and it wasn’t great designing; it was early content, though).

Something else interesting he mentioned was the “Christmas tree” design for quests: you don’t want your minimap to light up like a Christmas tree!  Also, I enjoyed the running joke (from the lunch as well) of nerfing paladins… sorry guys.  It just seemed like a general consensus with the small crowd too (one or two folks thought otherwise).

I did also enjoy the concept of “soul crushing encounters” and “ice cream shaped mountains in old content”.  Both of them sound pretty fun.

There was also a huge contrast between his time as a graduate student exploring marshes and the oceans off of the coast of Texas and when he was doing work in one of the Carolinas (or whatever) and the windowless hell he experienced before moving to (once existing) Ensemble Studios in Texas.

But unfortunately, my left eye is twitching.  I think I’m going to go sleep.

(What a fun day!)

((Oh, also… at the end of his presentation, he had a picture someone in the community did that had a crab pet — GC’s avatar — got hit by a toy train and went squish… hm.))