What do you do when you have a lot of people who can use a piece of loot, but won’t up on it because they know they want something else later?

Scream really loudly on Ventrilo.

Honestly, this is an issue we’re having in our guild right now.  As a guild that does run the loot council (and we’ve been pretty damn successful at it), we usually weigh specific factors (some of them are listed here) into it… but one recurring thing is that if someone does get a piece of loot that night (or depending on what night it was, last week), we’ll scratch their name off unless something interesting happens (e.g. they’re the only person to up, etc).

Recently though… we’ve had people just not up at all.  And it’s an upgrade, more or less.  I mean, come on, you need some iLvl for your Flame Leviathan (higher iLvl = more HP in vehicles, just in case you didn’t know this).

Look, an upgrade is still an upgrade! No matter what, if that piece of gear has only +5 int and +3 spell power better… up on it.  The better your gear is, the better not only you look for our guild (people do look at other people’s gear, like it or not) and it’s going to be an upgrade.  I don’t care how minimal or maximum it is.  Eventually, you’re going to get a piece of gear.  And it’s going to discount you from another piece.  But it could be worse.  You could be spending your DKP on a piece of gear and never see another piece until a few months later.

Also, patience is not a virtue… for raiding. Along the same lines listed above, if you’re not upgrading right now and helping out effectiveness and efficiency for the whole raid, you’re hurting us more.

And let’s not forget we’ll shove loot down your throats if we have to.  We’re not sharding Ulduar loot.  We should have no need to.  We’re not so heavy in one area (except possibly melee) that we shouldn’t have people not taking things.  We want to be kind and courteous.  We want people to know what they want from Ulduar.  But what hurts us, given we have only so many hours per night to do content, is waiting for that.  So knowing what you want is helpful too.  Planning ahead to up on things will not only speed up the evening but it will give us an idea of your preparedness.  Our leadership notes who actually knows what they need… and to be honest, why wouldn’t you not have a list of your much needed gears.

What we plan to do to fix this, is to make sure everyone knows that they will need to upgrade on things… and that just waiting for pieces of tiered gear is going to hurt us.  Ultimately, we may need to just shove loot on people.  But once again, we don’t want to do that.  We may state that if only one person ups for main spec, they won’t be hindered by other ups (at our own discretion).

But it’ll be more experimental for a little if we keep having these issues…

Anyway, here’s a good example of what makes my blood boil (and Angry Dome posts, for the most part… other than super QQ angry powah activate):

Last night, we were doing some attempts on Thorim before we ended the raiding night.  We had two groups assigned for the hallway, and three for the arena.

Now one person (I won’t say who) obviously didn’t hear a few things:

  1. The group numbers that were going in.
  2. Their name being called out to go into the hallway.
  3. The fact that it’s a hallway, not just a door with a gate.
  4. The fact that left and right are indeed, directions, and you should probably not sit on the side with the guns shooting.

And that’s what made us all twitch last night.