• Mimiron probably took longer than necessary.  I think the fight is relatively easy, but it’s the stupid that happens that just makes it plain difficult.  For example: more things on the ground that will kill you.  While I understand that you may be unable to see it due to your camera angle or just getting plain overlapped… you know it’s coming, so position better.
  • … while I’m on this topic, I hope I’m not the only person in the world to know that this game is really one big educational experience.  You learn the basics of certain elements all over in this game and really, as this game is also very much a gimmick, you already know the fight (to an extent) before entering it.  Another example: void zones redux (like rockets).
  • There are, however, fights we don’t get too much experience first hand… such as the “(almost) no mana allowed” General Vezax.  We’re going to have to fine tune our strategy related to this fight.  It wouldn’t be so hard if people wouldn’t take unnecessary damage.
  • Also, how about some situational awareness?  While I can comprehend certain one or two mistakes… ten or twenty doesn’t make a great raider.  You need a few components: knowing your class, knowing your rotations, knowing how to make use of what you got, and knowing what is going around you.  I swear!— there are some people who would probably get hit by cars if they played like they do in WoW.  You look leftYou don’t look right.  Honk honk!
  • Something non-raid related (but maybe other college students may relate)… how come this Spring semester came and went so damn fast?
  • And back to raiding: Discipline healing has become a little… well, too quirky for my tastes (spam PW:S; we got our lesson through that recent mana cost nerf).  Not to mention the only amazing thing I actually bring to the raid composition is a lot of bubbles.  And Pain Surpression.  I can’t count the number of times dropping a PS on a raider has just been a life saver.  I don’t think folks appreciate that enough.  I think we should have Discipline Priest Awareness Day.
  • Oh!  Lowered Expectations has cleared 3 of the 4 “wings”.  We just need to kill Vezax, Yogg-Saron, and one day… Algalon.  We’re now technically tied for 2nd on the Horde side of our server.  Joy!