… no, I’m not dead, I’m just busy with killing those damn zombies with mah plants.

But seriously.

Recently in Lowered Expectations, we’ve hit a few road bumps… acquired new raiders while having to say a minor farewell to others.

One person, who I deeply admire, has a lot of patience and an amazingly large amount of kindness one day I wish to have (but if you know me, I’m a very angry person regardless of the happy circumstances).

I’m not one for /sadface (but more for QQ).  But I’ll miss this person and hopefully they will return to raiding eventually.

… ‘kay, got that out of my system.

Discipline priest raiding?  Well, that somewhat recent hit to Soul Warding (reducing mana cost of PW:S by 15 instead of 30 percent) is kind of noticeable.  I can’t just fill a raid filled with shield love without suffering some major consequences.  Furthermore, I’m feeling some more strain on the Vezax fight (although this may be due to other healers not picking up slack… not so much my hero listed above who was there tonight) with mana restraint… having to hope that a Flash Heal will work before a Flash of Light or another priest’s tick of Prayer of Mending.

I can say though that my numbers as of late have been improving.  Recently another officer calculated my PW:S glyph heals roughly 1/3rd of my Flash Heal.  This may be due to the ridiculous 4-piece Tier 8 bonus I have under my belt (only two are from 25 man… though, I suppose I shouldn’t be snarky about that).

What I can say I’ve learned from the previous evenings of raiding is that we can never assume “farmed” content will always be easy.  Ulduar is unforgiving; if you’ve been there, you know.  But I’d like to think of it as the following example:

When you walk across the street, you are supposed to look both ways before crossing.  Unfortunately, some people like to look one side and not the other… or completely forget, resulting in a tragic end.

Oh yeah, I can totally name a few people who’ve done that recently… I bet you can too.

My posts should be a little more concrete, as well as a (OHMYGOSH) secret mage alt I’ve been leveling in the shadows… a Draenei male.

(My history for rolling characters has been usually a female of some sort… so this is a big deal, amirite?)

Be back later!

– Kitts