As a healer and an officer, not to mention the guild secretary, I find that it’s easier to compress strategies for healers to a few lines.  I also find that because there is so much information out there, it’s better as a healer if you bring information to you raid leader for comparison and possible strategy changes.  Here is a small summary of what you should do as a Discipline priest for these fights.

This is, as always, based on experience… not what the internet always says.  I’ve always found experience has beaten out even the strongest informational websites at certain points.

Flame Leviathan: If you’re going up on the happytank, PoM + Renew + PW:S with a few Flash Heals will generally cover any “major” damage that could happen.  If you’re not a FH happy priest, keep your Penance on cooldown and GH if you feel like it’s needed.  You do have your Penance glyph, right? Good!

Ignis the Furnace Master: Your best job is to heal the main tank or the off-tanks, obviously.  Personally, be on the main tank if you can and keep shields and Renews on OTs.  If you feel confident enough, PW:S raiders who are looking a little “bloodied” (ha ha, D&D 4th ed. pun— this means 50% of their health).  The person in the pot can heal themselves if they’re in it, and if they can’t, a few HoTs and your PW:S will do the trick.  What can wipe you here is the possibility of OTs not picking up your constructs quickly; remember as each construct exists, Ignis his harder (15% bonus damage!!!), and will strain the healing painfully.  This isn’t your job, but keep that in mind when constructs are up (also, more points when you can say “constructs in the raid!” when an OT is in the pot… haha Black Temple fail).

Razorscale: Your strategy may vary, but we have one tank on each major spawning point… left, center, and right (facing into the area where you fight).  If you are on a tank, be on the center one (who should be grabbing those nasty Sentinels… those whirlwinds effin’ hurt) and use your special mitigation powers to prevent major damage from socking your tank.  Druid HoTs will help here, as well as an Earth Shield.  If you are on the raid, lots of PW:S + PoM + Renew duty here.  The fireballs can and will do the “machine gun” sometimes, so watch your raiders carefully.  When RZ gets to the grounded phase, make sure your leaders have tanks established and heal as much as you can: tank death can happen because the damage here is slow but heavy.

XT-oo2 Deconstructor: You can be anywhere here and do a good job, but I like being on the main tank.  Depending, once again, on your strategy you can find that you can keep some melee up with PW:S.  You definitely need two healers on the MT on XT, so that’s where you should be.  The damage is somewhat spiky, so keep Penance ready for an emergency burst.  If you’re on the raid, PW:S + PoM + Renew is great.  Use PoH if you can during the Tympanic Tantrum.  Paladin should be using their Divine Sacrifice if possible; there are a lot of things that will mitigate some of the damage, but what will kill people is going into those tantrums with a gravity or light bomb.  Watch for that.  If you are not mana starved for the most part, DPS during heart phases— you can help out a little.  Just don’t go OOM.  That’s kind of embarassing!

Finally, a small list of games I’ve been playing outside of World of Warcraft as of late…

  • Team Fortress 2 – PC
  • Left4Dead – PC
  • Luna Online – PC
  • Fallout 3 – PC
  • Megaman X – SNES
  • Super Mario RPG – SNES
  • Earthbound – SNES