Stop whining!

Stop whining!

Ah-nold tends to speak the truth.  In reality, this 10-man hard mode is quite easy (I think easier than the Assembly of Iron one; we were unsuccessful in that endeavor but we tried, damnit).

Our 10-man group composition was the following:

  • For tanks, we had a Bear Druid tanking this fight.  We had a DK pick up one of the XM-024 Pummelers.
  • Previous said DK is specced Unholy.  We also had a Blood DK as well, which is all the melee we had.
  • For ranged DPS, one Shadow Priest, an Arcane Mage, a Fire Mage, and an Elemental Shaman.
  • Finally for healers, a Discipline Priest (me!), a Restoration Shaman, and a Restoration Druid.

This group comp has three healers because the combined powers of HoTs, direct heals, and bubbles was very, VERY effective.  Our DPS is solid enough that we could still handle the hard mode crunch.

The first step to doing this hard mode is recognizing that the heart must die on the first second phase you run into.  If you don’t, you should wipe it up because the enrage timer does not reset when you break the heart.  You need all the time you can get to kill the stronger XT.

Second step is when you break the heart, don’t panic.  All DPS should drop down however many XM-024 Pummelers there are (could be one or two).  Kill the bombs afterward or let them go but make sure no one is getting hurt by their explosions.  Scrapbots can go right through.  XT will heal himself to full when the heart breaks and as long as you are doing enough sustained damage, you will be fine.

Third step: ranged should be spread out, but depending on your healers, you may want to make sure Chain Heal can hit more than one target in that group.  Healers should try to have coverage on all members (save maybe one or two people as long as the other two healers can get them).

Now the real change in the fight comes in four forms:

  1. The tooltip for his “stronger” buff is wrong.  He will only gain 2.5 million more health (from 5 million, a 50% increase), giving him 7.5 million to burn down.  He will hit harder by 15%.
  2. Light Bomb does the same amount of damage but spawns an add with 50k HP called a “Life Spark”.  While this add is up, everyone will take 800 damage every 3 seconds.  This add must die to help healers out during Tympanic Tantrums.  A ranged will more than likely tank it.  They will take a fair amount of damage so, depending on your healers, devote one person to keeping that person up.  If all ranged focus on it (and it helps to call it out in Ventrilo/TeamSpeak/In-Game Voice), it will die quickly.  I would suggest not having more than two up at a time.
  3. Gravity Bomb will still draw people in and do damage when it ticks off on the person (and possibly others if they’re too close) but will spawn void zones that you should not stand in.  Void zones will tick for 5k damage.
  4. Because there are no more heart phases, you will get Tympanic Tantrums every time you can (every minute).  The damage can easily stack up if there are Life Sparks/Light Bombs/Gravity Bombs.  Recognize people who are in danger and get them healed up quickly!

Fourth step is simply win.

What will wipe you?  Well, other than above listed concepts, if you lose DPS and have no battle resurrections, that could be a fatal error.  You need all of your DPS up.  Obviously tank death can occur, but to me, the boss didn’t really hammer on our feral druid too hard (and his gear is mostly Naxx 25-equivilant).

Just keep people alive and don’ t stop DPSing, and don’t let Life Sparks stay alive.

Questions?  Leave them here, I’ll try to answer them.