There are times in a player’s life when just playing a Priest doesn’t cut it.  Sure, we are the mightiest of healers and DPS combined, the cream of the crop, the cat’s meow… but sometimes I need a break from the powerful, imba nature of a white texted class, and feel the need to play something with a little more firepower.

The mage, AKA “the glass cannon”, is one I’ve leveled up at least twice to 70, one of them getting to 80.  However, instead of leveling up my past Undead mage (who is gathering dust, wondering why she isn’t specced, etc) I went the alternate route: leveling on an older server that I had raided Alliance on and started up a Draenei mage.

But Kitts, why a Draenei mage?  For starters, I’ve never gotten a Draenei past the starter zone.  Second, I just like having the utility of 1% hit and a HoT for the beginning levels.  Also… Draenei are pretty big and awesome.

There's a hydra behind me, isn't there.

There's a hydra behind me, isn't there.

But either way, it’s still fun to just play an Alliance character.  For instance, to me, it feels like there’s more detail: the Alliance get a wicked awesome Borean Tundra chain that ends with Thassarian trying to regain a sense of family in Northrend.  They also get a chase sequence with the Horde as you take a transport from Dragonblight to Grizzly Hills, and you also get to blow up some worgen while escaping the Silverpine camp, fleeing back with a witness to Amberpine Lodge.

  • What I like about Mages…

Mages are casters.  They can also put out some major damage when needed.  There is some cooldown management involved, but it’s nothing that’s too difficult.  There is also some CC involved: mine is a penguin.  Also, you are able to kill multiple mobs at the same time with any sort of spell (e.g. Frost mages have Blizzard, Arcane has their Arcane Explosions).  There are easily defined specs (Fire is major DPS, Frost is control and survivability, Arcane is mana management with huge reward).  You can make mana gems and Evocate when you have low mana.  Ice Block and Invisibility are amazing for emergencies.  Arcane Intellect is one of my more preferred buffs.

  • What I don’t like about Mages…

A lot of downtime.  Also, as a glass cannon, you can be easily killed by mobs.  You’re a DPSer, not healer or tank, so being able to find groups is a little difficult.  Some people might think you’re a warlock.

  • Are Mages better than Priests?

Hell no.  Priests are awesome. They may get more damage, but we can heal.  You can easily be a bad Mage.  It can be said the same for Priests… but we get to have Shadowform.  :)

I’m 77 now, but I’ll likely be 80 by next week.  And then I might start on another of my alts!