See above!

See above!

So this server sucks.  Really sucks.  I’m sorry, there are levels of failure that I can’t even comprehend on a daily basis.  And I apologize for those who are still on it, Horde or Alliance.


Now, you’re probably wondering… “Why does Kitts hate this server so much?”

Here’s a running list.

  1. Worst PUGs… EVER! You think you’ve been in a bad PUG?  I’ve never seen so many dual wielding DK tanks with all their points in the wrong things, healers that spam heals on themselves and not on the tank, Hunters with 213s but can’t sustain past 1k to save their lives.  Seriously.  Stop fucking Auto Shotting and start using your cooldowns!   Maybe I just expect too much from people who on paper look great but in practice make me want to pull my hair out.
  2. Raiding Guilds. There are few raiding guilds on this server.  This is pretty much the same when Shenanigans was on there as well.  But here’s the catch: the amount of anger between them all is shocking.  For instance, an ex-member of an Alliance guild I was in created a Horde guild, became one of the best guilds on the server, and then that member decided to disband the guild because he had a fucking tantrum.  Holy shit.  Maturity levels are generally low— I witnessed a major bitchfest between two guilds: Apocalyptic and The Dark Side in the LFG channel.  I can’t believe how petty and stupid and how bad it made those guilds look.  No one has pride in their public managing anymore.  They make Ysera look like a perfect place to live (well, I’d have to say forum trolls keep it that way too… hi Around).
  3. Raiding Guilds part 2. I expected better attitudes from guilds I am somewhat familiar with.  Fucking keep track of shitty attitudes so you don’t get a bad reputation.  It’s embarassing.
  4. Higher Expectations. So you’re PUGing for people.  You ask for 2.5k sustained DPS on trash or you get removed from the raid.  Wow, that’s almost insanely genious.  Obviously you can tell someone’s great if they just sit on their ass and AoE pulls.  That is what makes a great player.  Look, LFG-douchebags, please grasp the concept of “reasonableness”.  If you’re asking for Archavon 10 in a PUG you say you’re going to check people’s Armory and whatnot just so you can be a huge asshat in LFG, that’s fine.  But expect a lot of no one wanting to be there.  To sustain a high amount of DPS against a dummy or trash, okay.  On fights where you have to move and be smart?  I see people on a daily basis do high DPS but die to ridiculously silly and stupid things.  High five.
  5. Constant Flashing of Meters! Oh, I’m so glad you out DPS’d me.  It must mean you’re perfect.  Instead of trying to save the healer, keep CCs up, interrupting painfully annoying spells… you’re just bashing things without any thought.  Right.  I’m glad most guilds on Exodar tend to fall in one of a few categories.  Most of them terribad.  I’m also happy that while my job is a pure DPS, you’re sitting there with your obviously-your-guild-carried-you-through-content loot and pretending to be awesome.  Shut up.  Please.
  6. General Knowledge?  Not an issue. I know how to play a mage, roughly.  Obviously my gear isn’t perfect.  But stop telling me how to play.  I’m glad you’re in a guild that “has cleared content”— to be honest, I bet you suck at it.  Yes, I’m better than you.

Breathe in, breathe out.