You think the Scourge is a collective bunch of undead asshats, bent on the destruction of the world?  Well… look at THIS guy:

Damn you!

Damn you!

(Picture of a sun from Awkward Zombie, best comic ever, it’s on the sidebar… go read it.)

Ah yes, the summer.  That period of time where school is out.  Where schedules are more confu-puzzling than the Fall and Spring seasons, which are very predictable due to education and work.

What can you do to maximize your time raiding during the summer?

  • Learn about your raiders. Find out who is more dependable, who is working on getting better at maximizing their time online, see what people are up to and what their schedule tendencies are.  The summer is very unpredictable, so there’s good chances people will be on vacation on occasion.
  • Recruit those members! Recruit, recruit, recruit.  Most guilds during the summer need to pick up on this in order to stay a float.  You can find some true diamonds in the rough, so don’t mess up the opportunity to pick up someone that may be a little undergeared, but has a lot of potential.
  • Level some alts. If you can get another character to 80 (if you have the stomach), you can learn about other classes in order to improve your knowledge on roles during a raid or a party.  For instance, I have a Draenei mage on Exodar (see previous post).  I’m learning more about what mages can and cannot do compared to a shadow priest.  Not to mention when 3.2 comes out, I’ll have more motivation to level a rogue or something I’ve never really played past 20.
  • Do some 10-mans, do something fun! If you already have a level 80 alt, run some 10 mans in a PUG.  Do something different.  In order to truly stave off some burnout (which is easily gotten during the summer, it’s hot) you should work on other aspects of your character other than min-max.  Try some older dungeons, work on the older dungeon achievements, things like that.  Heck, go get a Magical Crawdad.
  • Give Kitts gold. Just kidding.  But hey, I thought it could work.

See you soon!  The piano calls me.

(I’m working on a Haydn piano concerto, Bartok sonata, and Chopin polonaise.  None of them are fun.  Damn you, music degree.)