There are some things in life that I second guess: degree choice, college choice, what I had for lunch the day previous, what I decide to say to some people… but there’s one thing I don’t feel like I made a mistake about.  But it does make for a good post.

For all instances, we’re going to call this person “Summer’s Eve” (you will get the reference if you’re awesome).

Get it?  It's hilarious.

Get it? It's hilarious.

Summer was a raider in our guild since Naxxramas.  He apped at level 78; we decided to take him on at 80.  When he got into the guild, we thought the best about this person.  He had his quirks: he tended to do poorly in DPS, died in some mechanics that weren’t challenging, and overall wasn’t the best player (but wasn’t the worst human being, so it was tolerable).  He was a tad arrogant, thought very highly of himself, and was kind of a (see picture above).

It was when after we cleared all the content, he suddenly couldn’t raid.  He posted on the absence thread stating he had to take a long-term hiatus.  Like previous people, we decided to place him under a “Friends and Family” status— meaning he would not have a raid position until he came back full time AND if we had a spot readily available.

Now, I don’t know how other guilds work.  But I assume like any rational human being, you can’t just keep a spot open forever.  You have to rotate people in and out.  You have a fluid roster for raiding that may change over time, and just because you’ve been in the guild for progression and leave once you hit a farming period doesn’t mean you’re given a spot permanently, right?

So, this person comes back a day prior to Ulduar’s release, expecting a spot as his main.  Obviously we couldn’t just give him one.  Summer goes “okay, well, I’ll just level other characters and run things on my alts”.  He does it for a little, we kind of let him do what he wants because he’s not part of the raiding core.

Suddenly a month later, we get an application from Summer.  Apparently we needed Restoration shaman and he got one to 80.  At that same time, we get an application from another Resto shaman with better gear, a stronger application, and generally seems like a nicer person.  So we take this person over Summer.

Well… Summer gets pissed.

Here’s a few arguments he made:

  1. He could gear up quickly… if he went on our 25 man Naxxramas runs and PUG’d Archavon.  Summer expected to get a position so we could gear him up because we needed him so badly.  This also includes the unassumed argument of we needed him.
  2. Summer made the mistake of assuming it was personal.  Believe me.  I’m an asshole to all raiders equally.  Not to mention he felt like it was personal instantly because I was the one handling his application.  The sad truth is that I logged onto my priest to check sign-ups, and was told by a member he was being hassled by Summer on an alt.
  3. My favorite line of the entire argument, which I posted in our forums as a running log of why he is dangerous to our guild in terms of drama, is that he was the only one who busted his ass in our guild.  And he made it a point to say that.  The problem is that if he was the only one who cared, we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.  It requires an entire group of people to get better, not just one.
  4. The assumption that he was part of the raiding core during his time in our guild was an issue too.  He was frequently a person on the line of underperforming on encounters and also bad attitude about our loot counciling.  You’re part of a raiding core if you can perform well and have a good attitude about things.  If you care about the guild, treat all the members respectfully, and contribute 100%… you’re there.
  5. Finally, he apped when we were specifically asking for raiders with iLvl 213 or better.  This means Naxx 25 equivilants, including pieces of Ulduar 10/25, and experience in that instance.  Of course, he had none. But this plays on the assumption of we would favor him and would gear him.  But there was no way.

When I did argue with Summer, I put it in the way of that he was an alumni to the guild. In a way, this is true to all ex-raiders of a guild.  We can’t keep spots open, and you can never assume your spot will always be there for you— even if you’re the best member.  The fact is that in order for us to run, we must have folks there all the time.  Not just when we’re progressing.  Even if that wasn’t the case, it still wouldn’t change my decision.

Now, why is this all coming back even though it occurred a month ago?  Last night, I got an angry tell from Summer because we had removed his main (who was a Friends and Family) from the guild.  It was because he was declined and had such a shitty attitude about his shaman’s app that did it in the end.  He thought it was personal again.  I just threw him on ignore.

If you’re a guild member and you get tells from Summer (you probably know who this is, if you don’t, ask me in game)… let me know.  We’ll keep a running log of harassment and ticket it.  :)