I feel like a teacher all the time, but more of a counselor while in the guild.

I do like defending people because I want to believe in all the people we recruit and in the people we’ve known for a long time.

I sometimes do feel like my high school students have a tougher hide than some of our raiders, including the ones now coming from eighth to ninth grade.

I wonder why I can have more patience for a student who doesn’t speak up when they’re confused about what hand they should lead into a mallet “run” (a lot of fast notes that ascend or descend, very difficult passages in music)… but not raiders who should know content better than me.

I want to kill Yogg-Saron soon.  I know we can.  I wish the people in our guild would only step up, be amazing, and instead have moments of brilliance… to be brilliant.

I am proud of all of my achievements.  I almost say that my job and my guild are almost equal in that.  But my job pays me in a physical way and my guild pays me in a social one.

I like writing this blog, even though my one moment of fame was brief, because I think I can be more honest to a journal than a person sometimes.

Also, hi Jay and Dustin (and all other guildies who read)!

This is a fun video too.