Yogg-Saron is the “final” boss of the Ulduar raid instance.  Algalon is technically the super “final” boss, but for all purposes, who cares.  Yogg-Saron is a gimmicky fight for the most part, combining a lot of different coordination and conceptual motives to end a learning curve that started with void zones and now ends with “don’t stare at the boss”.

I'm made of mouths.  Hug me~

I'm made of mouths. Hug me~

It seems easy.  To be honest, it is easy.  But as a healer, there is so much information you can kind of dilute and some that needs priority.  Here we go: breakdown!


  1. Heal your tanks.
  2. Don’t stand in bad things (eye lasers) or near bad things (Crusher tentacles).
  3. Decursive is awesome.
  4. Don’t stare at the boss.


Group Composition:

  • Sounds strange, but the fewer healers you have, the better.  We went with two and only had two portal phases in the second portion of this fight.  It could be manageable with one healer and a DPSer (moonkin/elemental shaman/shadow priest), but if this is your first time… I’d go with two.  Your DPS has to be solid, otherwise too many tentacles will cause many issues (see phase two about tentacles).
  • You need at least four “melee” (combination of melee DPS, possibly a tank, possibly hunters… no casters) to go into portals.  Casters cannot go into the portal because they will inevitably be staring at those skulls inside the portals that you shouldn’t be and need to face the target to cast.
  • In reality, you only need one tank to Crusher joust during phase two.  If you’re getting too many Crushers, you’re probably DPSing too slow.
  • You need a diverse cleansing/decursing/abolishing/dispelling composition.  Because phase two offers a plethora of debuffs if you’re slow, you will need this.  Once again, DPSing fast will lower the amount of debuffs during phase two.


  • Make sure you talk to the watchers.  Each gives its own buffs to the fight.  You can find more detail about each individual on the internets (your favorite WoW strategy website).  But don’t forget about them… it’s hilarious when you do and it’s like “holy crap why are the sanity wells gone”.
  • Freya keeps up the Sanity Wells in the room by the watchers (you see them in the room).  Sit in them for a bit of time to start recovering your Sanity.

All Phases:

  • Watch your sanity meter.  If it drops below 40, go find a sanity well.  Keep in mind depending on how many healers you run, you may want to alert your other healer(s) that you may be going out of range.  However this shouldn’t happen often as you should be cluster formation for most of this fight.


Phase 1: “Sara needs to shut up.”

  • Easy phase.  One healer needs to watch the tank pulling Guardians down to Sara, as they will take damage from the explosions from their deaths (10k HP roughly on normal).  The other healer needs to watch the tank picking up the Guardians in the raid.
  • Raiders will receive Sara-themed debuffs.  Only two are issues for you as a healer, both are DoTs, and will do considerable amount of damage (while providing some positive buffs, like doing increased damage… but who cares, you’re healing).
  • Dark Volley will lower the amount of healing taken by 25%.  Melee should be interrupting this.
  • If you’re going down to heal the Sara-Guardian tank… if you step in a cloud, you should be punished severely.  Don’t.  Step.  In.  Clouds. Repeat with me.  “If I step in a cloud, I forfeit my life to whatever raid leader leading”. You really deserve that.  Seriously.  Don’t spawn extra Guardians, you fool. This is not Starcraft.
Don't spawn me!  Wait.

Don't spawn me! Wait.

  • After 9 to 10 Guardian kerplosions…

Phase 2: “Yogg-Saron Debuts!”


  • … alert your raid if you as a healer gets grabbed by a Constrictor.  Your death is a problem.  You can still cast in it.  Heal yourself or (if you’re a tricksy hobbit) heal your raid if you are mentally capable of something harder than spamming yourself.
  • … decurse/cleanse/abolish/dispel!  Every debuff is really, really bad.  How bad?  Random stuns disease, movement speed reduced by 90% magical effect, Curse of Doom, and a mana-draining Poison.  Everything is a priority here.
  • … watch your one tank (or both tanks) if they are jousting with Crushers.  They hurt.

Do Not:

  • … go into portal phases.  This isn’t 25-man.  Don’t waste DPS time.
  • … run into lasers.  They will kill you.
  • … get near Crusher (very big) tentacles.  They will crush you dead.
  • … go insane during this phase.

… after the brain gets to 30%, Yogg’s invulnerability will drop, leaving you to have at him for real!

Phase 3: Yoggy Dies?

  • Did your outside group kill a majority of tentacles? If not, uh oh.  You may need to keep dispelling here if Corrupters linger.  If there are too many, like a Crusher… you’re in trouble due to the damage reduction debuff.  You’d need to kill that fast.  A few Corrupters won’t be an issue though.
  • If you’re a healer, please keep your character facing away from Yogg the entire third phase.  If you look at him at certain times (Lunatic Gaze) you’ll take damage and lose Sanity over 12 seconds (for as long as you are looking).
  • Immortal Guardians will spawn here.  Watch your tanks— they don’t need to tank Yogg but these will hurt them very, very badly.  Also watch your threat.  If you see that you pulled aggro on something, do something quick or you might get punched dead (or Hodir will save your ass).
  • DPSers will take some damage here, but unless you’re raiding with a lot of non-informed folks, they won’t look at him… too many times.  Let them know if they’re going out of range for heals though, because then they’ll be more willing to get back as soon as their Sanity goes back up to full.
  • This is a tank and spank.
And then he'll die and you can get loots.

And then he'll die and you can get loots.

Yogg during his third phase on Normal will have 3.3 million HP.

Good hunting!