So as I struggle to find something to really talk about, I’m going to address some of the more interesting search terms that people have used to find this blog or just some subjects that could be fun to talk about.

  • “General Vezax 10 man raid comp”: I’d suggest two healers, one tank, and a mixture of melee and ranged.  Ranged groups will heavily benefit from the Shadow Crash debuff, but they may have to move if clustered too much.  If they work as a team, that could be very good.  Melee doesn’t have to worry about anything, but remember: the game will know if you have a lot of melee and will start hitting them with Marks and Shadow Crashes if it gets too over balanced.  Therefore, the fix is to mix!
  • “Yogg Saron portal mookin”: No.  Moonkin do not go in there.  Don’t do it.  It’s a trap.  Leave it to melee and skilled hunters.
  • “Flame buffet dispelled 10 man”: This is still not dispellable.  The only thing you can dispel is Stormstrike.
  • “How to tank crusher tentacles”: You need to basically joust them, meaning run in then run back out before they destroy you.  Only a tank-specced and geared person can do this.  When you hit the Crusher, it will temporarily disable the debuff that reduces damage done to the raid.  It is important to do this because the implications inside and outside the portal can equal a wipe.
  • “Shaman healing tips”: I’m not a Shaman.  But I can tell you the best way to use your mana is probably to be very careful when healing your main tank.  Keep Earth Shield up.  Use Riptide when you need to.  Lesser Healing Wave might be a smart move to sneak in a heal quickly because you don’t really want to sit around for too long with Healing Wave or Chain Heal (though, CH can be nice if for some stupid reason your melee takes damage… if they don’t interrupt).
  • “Mass dispel decrepit fever”: I heard you can’t mass dispel a disease.  You also can’t dispel any debuff that has a red border (unless you’re a Mage and you Ice Block or you’re a paladin and you BoP, I think… but I’ll get chewed out later for not knowing that 100% from my guild).

And now, my favorite subject for today is…

“Priest tier 9”

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

If you haven’t seen it on MMO, go look at it.  I hope the set bonuses are wrong.  I hope they fix it.

But that brings up another point.  How come Holy and Discipline priests can’t have their own sets?  Or at least make the bonus affect both types equally in some way?  I really feel like T8 showed the issue with having the 4 piece be awfully imba for the Discipline priest but maybe not so much for the Holy one.

I really feel like Discipline and Holy are two separate entities.