Did you know things can become immune to taunt?  This kitty doesn't.

Did you know things can become immune to taunt? This kitty doesn't.


We have a tank in our guild right now who really only does two things.  We’ll call him Deegee. But these two things usually get us killed.

  1. Pulls with taunt.
  2. Taunts things off of other tanks.

Why is this bad?  Well, things do become taunt immune.  If you have tanks that taunt too much, they will start not paying attention and will wreck havoc on whoever they feel like.

Now, what kind of solution could possibly fix this?


You know, things like Devastate.  Sunder Armor.  Shield Slam.  Fuck, even Heroic Strike and Thunderclap.  But this guy doesn’t.  He’ll taunt and whack it once before it flies away to go kill someone else.

Now, this sounds like a two fold problem.  The DPS should stop, right?  They should wait.  But there are issues… especially when you’re staring at this guy:



Guardian of Yogg-Saron has to be dropped immediately down to 50% (or lower depending on your ranged) before it gets pulled into Sara’s bosom during the 1st phase of the Yogg-Saron fight.  Now you can’t be patient here.  They spawn faster and faster as the encounter lingers.

This means as a tank, you need to be doing as much TPS as humanly possible.  Sometimes Deegee won’t.  He’ll taunt.  But the DPS won’t be stopping for you.

Sometimes, Deegee will taunt but will do it too slow, which will get a tank killed on the Mimiron 1st phase “Plasma Blast”.  You can’t take melee hits plus the huge amount of damage, even with your cooldowns.

And finally, Deegee will taunt the wrong thing, sometimes causing a wipe.  Maybe on a fight like Sartharion where if you taunt the big angry dragon and he breathes fire on the raid?  Hmm.

Deegee: You’re a nice person.  You’re a good tank sometimes.  But the more mistakes you make, the more wipes we’ll have.  No pressure.

Finally, there’s a guild on our server that is kind of… an issue now.  Their Guild Master is an ex-raider of ours.  The day that he told us he was going to leave our guild in order to make his own made us a little angry— he knew he was going to be filling some shoes in a few months.  But instead he decided to flake.  We even offered to take some of his friends in if they wanted a place to raid.  But nope!  Even better: when we asked him to finish out the raid week with us in order to at least keep some sort of stability, he didn’t.  No integrity whatsoever.

But now, he’s starting to provide some bad press.  And I don’t respond well to douchebags who do that.

So now it’s my turn.  Let’s see some of his post.

TL;DR version: He took our epics after we told him we’d need him as a main tank and made his own 25-man guild that he had to turn into a 10-man guild with his friends that were vastly undergeared that played favorites and made people leave and he’s wondering why people are mad.

“Ah, my little guild and its big drama. Why all the drama one might wonder. Becuase someone is butt hurt that I left LE and wants to poke jabs at me with there tiny forum toon. Keeps me from having to update the post I guess.”

  • I’m not butt hurt about you leaving our guild.  I’m butt hurt because you were an asshat about it.  If I wanted to, I could troll you.  I wish I did.  I wish I could.  But I’m an officer and actually care about the integrity of our guild.  Except for here, which is a blog and not forums, so I can critique your terrible skills in English.

“If your running one of those guilds [ed: a guild that doesn’t have enough raiders per night to raid or barely squeaking out 25 members] you get put in a tough spot. Do I keep trying to recruit and MAYBE get the numbers I need and that the ones I have will wait or do I try to find another way. Most guilds try and push for the long haul and get into the bad cycle of gaining a few members just to watch other leave due to frustration at lack of progress. You end up going nowhere and the stress is a pain.”

  • So instead, you throw away members you just picked up recently in order to consolidate down to 10 people, which are probably just your friends.  If I thought you were a better person than that, I wouldn’t assume.  But seeing as we actually have a member from your guild who came over here saying that you were pretty much a dick and let your “officers” play obvious favorites… well, I guess you got nothing.  You tried for 25.  You therefore over-recruited for your 10 man guild.  Way to go, hypocrite.  Also, that stress you feel?  It’s called responsibility and failure.  You did it right.

“So I took at look at my people. We have 15-20 solid players. They show up ready to go. Truly enjoy hanging out together and always seem to have a good time. Instead of letting my ego take over and slowly watching my guild fall apart I switched to focus on 10 man content. We raid the same as always just with 10 instead of 25.

Being in a room with 25 people does not make you cool.”

  • Actually, you did let your guild fall apart.  Sorry.  Also being in a room with 25 people does make you cool.  It creates a larger family than a secluded chopfuck of 10 morons thinking they’re hot shit.

“To summarize my wall of text. [This guild] is a good guild. We have alot of fun doing what we do. I enjoyed my time in LE but just didn’t like raiding there. Raids were boring. Its not anyone’s fault and I had a few laughs but I have way WAY more fun running with my crew. Were a friends and family guild who takes a few nights a week to casually raid. No, we don’t progress as fast but as someone who has been a “Hardcore” raider for years I know were having allot more fun then the guys I talk to in the big guilds right now.

I’m ok not having best in slot epics in exchange for enjoying my game and my guild alot more. I didn’t downgrade anything.”

  • Our raids aren’t boring.  A few of our guild members are confused to why you would say they were boring.  Perhaps they were boring because we didn’t feel like you could have responsibilities.  It’s now even more obvious you can’t when you’re not online half of the time as a Guild Master.  And by you don’t progress fast… you mean at all.  Oh, and talking to yourself doesn’t constitute as talking to people in big guilds.  I also feel like you really did downgrade.  You could have gotten better, been a better player, and could have led.  But instead you copped out.

Woo, glad I got that out of my system.  :)  Done!