So this is something I recently posted on our forums.  We recently killed Yogg-Saron and we want to progress!  I believe firmly in using all resources, so, I hope they use this… and maybe you want to, too?

If you want to do hard modes…

… then you, as a raider, need to be working on the following things:

  • Am I providing the most optimal DPS in a realistic setting?

    You can use something like Rawr to get an optimized number. You can hit a test dummy if you want something more realistic. If you aren’t even roughly close, you’re doing something wrong— possibly in rotation, DoT uptime, or gemming/enchanting/gearing. Elitist Jerks is a nice reference but all in all, what they say works for them— maybe not for you. Use our World of Logs.

  • Do I keep my debuffs/buffs up all the time?

    If you provide a debuff in the raid, assume that you’re the only person who can. You must keep things up as much as possible, like Sunder Armor. If you’re not doing that, you’re preventing some increased damage being dealt. Also, depending on who you are, you need to use the correct debuffs.

  • Am I doing as much as I can with the time I have?

    Especially for healers, there shouldn’t be any period where you’re not trying to heal someone. This is why you can stop your casting. You need to have solid reaction time. Same with DPS as well. What will hurt us is when something doesn’t look right but you take your time to observe. These fights are all the same, but things have been ADDED, not SUBSTITUTED.

  • Am I doing the correct things?

    If you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you’re hurting the raid. Whether you feel like you know it all or not, if you’re not doing what you’re told, you’re a hindrance. And no one wants that. Use the right spells. Watch the right targets. Do it right the first time!

  • Am I watching my threat/Am I TPSing the best I can?

    DPS MUST WATCH THEIR THREAT. We can’t call out for you. If a boss is immune to taunt, then you’re dead. Way to go. You could have stopped but you felt like if you went faster than you’d be fine. Also: if you’re tank, a taunt will not do anything good unless you whack it with high threat abilities.

  • Am I prepared?

    If you’re not specced properly, if you’re not buffed properly food/elixir/flask wise… stuff like that. If you’re not enchanted properly. If you don’t have your professions to 400+. You need to be prepared in all facets. Also, can you all please use the restroom prior to the raid and during the break?

  • Seeing as we remember the beginning and end of things: if you go AFK, say something, please. We will replace you if we can in order to keep the pace going.

As we observed last night, the heart on XT-002 wasn’t dying. Keep in mind, this was with some healer-DPS assistance. You must do more to get more. If you want to do these harder, progression fights, you MUST bring more concentration on the goal at hand than you have before.

Ask for help. Do something about it. We can help to an extent but we cannot make you do the things that will make you better! What we don’t want to do is start replacing people who are slacking off in their jobs. There is no such thing as tenure here!!!