Phase One:

  • We only sent three hunters to finish up the Guardians (and one shaman for interrupts, and one healer for keeping tanks and those hunters alive).  We kept the majority of our raiders up top.
  • Spawning one at the beginning was detrimental for us.  In the future, that may change.
  • Alerting the raid when the outer most green cloud was going by, was helpful.

Phase Two:

  • Four healers outside, one healer inside.  We assigned a Holy priest (Circle of Healing is boss).  We kept our two Holy paladin, myself, and one Restoration druid outside.
  • The ranged must stay clumped up near a Crusher (not on top but in the vicinity of 30 yards).  They must kill the Constrictors as soon as possible when they spawn.
  • Tank “jousters” must be careful.  Decursing is taking priority here.  Too many things to click on Decursive’s Micro-Unit Frames.
  • Those inside the portals, ideally, need 30-40 seconds inside with the brain.
    • Melee will benefit from a combination of a Bloodlust and the feral aura/DPS warrior crit bonus!  Hunters are great here for Aspect of the Pack not to mention staying near the entrance to get early hits on it.
  • When the brain is exposed, Crushers must die fast.  When you kill the Crusher (and if you have more than one, you are slow) you must then start moving towards Corrupters.  Having a full raid and healers help here is a godsend to reduce the MUF ridiculousness.
  • If you get a Crusher spawn going into phase three, you are fucked.  Or you just need to cross your fingers very, very hard.

Phase Three:

  • This can easily turn into a disaster.  Tanks must be ready to go, go, go.  They must pick up Immortal Guardians and the ranged must burn them quickly (more damage taken = less damage dealt to tanks).
    • Ranged must be faced towards a wall, not towards Yogg… ever.  Same with healers: we don’t need to even look at anything to cast heals… sans Penance (cry).
  • Yogg-Saron will be healing Immortal Guardians.  Ranged must essentially play Whack-a-Mole.
  • This is melee’s fight.  Wowwiki has it opposite.  Try it both ways and see what works.


  • No one can afford to die.  And no one can super-afford to go Insane.  You cannot battle resurrect a person who went Insane; they’ll still be crazy when they get up.  That’s a waste.  Same with ankhs.