Edit: Hey folks!  If you’re coming to this page, I’d also suggest you read another post I did recently on the smaller list of Discipline priesting… it’s a little more concise (and shorter).  It’s here.


I feel that there are many posts like this one.  But this post is mine.

Tap a resource and go go go!

Tap a resource and go go go!

Anyway, where to begin?  How about this…

Gear and Talents!

  • This is a suggested talent spec if you wish to go into Discipline.  You should take all talents from Tier 6 to the bottom.
    • Also, yes, there is one point left.  You may put that anywhere you want.  Some people prefer Desperate Prayer for a quick instant heal.  I put mine into Empowered Renew.  You could also put this into Absolution.  For boss fights that require a lot of Mass Dispel or Abolish Disease, you could substitute a point out of Inner Focus, but I like that free heal (usually used for a Greater Heal or a Penance).
  • According to a lot of different informational websites (this includes Elitist Jerks as well, while they are great reference, some of them are a bit wacko for “being too smart for the common man”), we already are very close to having what they refer to as our “hard Haste cap”…
    • 6% from Enlightenment, 5% from Wrath of Air (our shaman buddies will help us there), and 3% from Moonkin’s Aura or Retribution Paladin’s auras.  That means we get 14% in an ideal raid situation.  We want at least 5% in order to hit that hard cap for PW:S spam (this includes our Borrowed Time).  If you don’t normally raid with all buffs, you may want to just aim for 11% Haste.
  • We want as much Critical Rating as possible in order to increase our Divine Aegis procs.  The more crit we have will also make our heals hit harder, mainly to compensate for the lack of Spell Power benefit through Spirit that our Holy priest friends have.
  • Similarly, Spell Power increases the amount your Power Word: Shield will hold for.  Because most of our spells at hand gain a small amount of our spell power, we must get as much as possible to increase overall efficiency.
  • All + to MP5 on gear will increase by 25%.  Replenishment is getting nerfed (from .25% every second to 1% every 5 seconds).
  • Intellect > Spirit, but you can’t avoid this at higher gear levels.  At lower ones, you may grab pieces that follow the Stam + Int + Crit and/or Haste + Spellpower method.  More mana = higher Replenishment ticks (regardless of above bullet point).
  • Suggested gem choices (personally): Runed Scarlet Ruby for Red sockets, Luminous Monarch Topaz for Yellow sockets, and Purified Twilight Opal OR Seer’s Forest Emerald for Blue sockets.

Spell Usage!

  • Power Word: Shield or get the hell out.
    • Use Grid (make Weakened Soul appear on yours through debuff selection, go rummage around if you can’t find it) or some add-on to help you on raid if you need it.
  • Pick a heal: Flash Heal or Greater Heal.
    • Flash Heal offers quick frequency of possible critting heals which stacks up Divine Aegis.  It can also help you heal raid if a tank seems “fine”.  You can use this to keep Inspiration up but you should be getting enough crits through Penance + PoM.
    • Greater Heal offers huge hits but less frequent crits due to slow casting time and very expensive cost.  I use this spell when predicting slow attack speed but hard hits, and also in conjunction with Borrowed Time + Weakened Soul + Inner Focus to give the most favorable crit and less overheal situation.
  • Keep Prayer of Mending on cooldown.  Use it wisely!
    • We get a nifty 5% increased effect through instant spells of our 1st tier talent, Twin Disciplines.
    • Also, because PoM can and will crit, it will spread Divine Aegis quickly!
    • Make sure you to use it when it will be most effective (e.g. raid damage or on tank + melee).
    • If you get it immediately after using on the tank, Shadow Word: Death to deal damage to yourself (and heal yourself) to keep it bouncing.  Obviously, don’t let the tank die through a Global Cooldown.
  • Penance: Be Quick!
    • My healing style changes depending on two conditions: Does the boss hit fast or slow?  Does the boss hit hard or less hard?  If fast and less hard, Penance is great to keep Divine Aegis up and to use it as a “softener” when it doesn’t.  If slow and hard, use it immediately when damage is taken.
    • Reaction vs. Preventive can also be used on your raid.  Don’t let someone die if you can help it; the first hit will be instant but the second and third will channel.  You may want to use this as an “emergency heal”.
    • After you use Penance, don’t wait for it to cooldown.  You have a number of other spells to use, such as Flash Heal or PoM to fill.  Waiting can mean tank death.
  • Renew is great for your tank…
    • not so much on your raiders.  We don’t get a nice instant heal with ours, like our Holy priest amigos.  Keep it up on a tank though if your assignment is one of them.
  • Prayer of Healing: Don’t spam me!
    • It’s great if you use it during a Borrowed Time moment.  But do not spam it.  It’s too mana inefficient.  This is mostly conditional: e.g. Hodir’s Frozen Blows.
  • Inner Focus… don’t forget it.
    • Use your Inner Focus in conjunction with a Divine Hymn or a Prayer of Healing.  You can choose to use it on a Penance or Greater Heal but know it may not provide the crit that you may or may not be looking for!

Other Information!

  • Get what you can.
    • Gearwise, you’ll be competing versus all casters (except in Hit, which I strongly suggest no matter what: do not up on this over a caster if it has Hit).
    • Do your dailies.  Get some gold.  Purchase things.  Spend badges.
    • Reputation rewards, for the most part, are great for us.

I’ll try to keep this updated as much as possible.  I hope this helps someone!