Tantrum, not necessarily tympanic.

Tantrum, not necessarily tympanic.

Finally, this hard mode was completed by the Lowered Expectations guild!  It was very stressful but it finally died.  Of course, our loot was the cloth bracers… and not many of our raiders needed them, but that’s fine.

There are some things that you may want to do if you’ve already done the 10-man version, but haven’t done the 25-man one that we discovered helped us the most.

And here’s a small list of them.

  • Emergency buttons… like the Paladin’s Divine Sacrifice and the Priest’s Divine Hymn will save the day.  Try to make sure one doesn’t overlap the others because you will go through quite a few Tympanic Tantrums (we went through at least eight).
  • Measure distance accurately… or you may cost your raid heavily.  If you don’t move far away enough with the Gravity Bomb and you draw a bunch of people from their spot, you lose DPS.  If you have Light Bomb, make sure you get out as far as you can (this comes with the next point) and make sure you have some sort of tank out there that will assist in “ping ponging” the spark from DPS to tank.
  • Have two healers set out… for Gravity Bomb and Light Bomb + Life Spark tank.  It’s great to have this so that no one will die during a Tympanic with the addition of one of these bombs.  The priorities also enable these folks to heal the raid when needed.
  • Tympanic Tantrum won’t kill you… but if you have any damage at all, you will die quickly.  Tympanic will actually not kill you right off, as it does a percentage of you health, but with a Life Spark aura up (on heroic, 2k dmg. every 3 sec.) you will be quickly dead.
  • Don’t panic… if something goes wrong, it will go wrong, and it’s best that your DPS don’t stop if it happens (e.g. early tank death).  You can but it’s not likely.  You may want to call a wipe (if you’re a raid leader)!
  • This is a control fight… so make sure you control the mechanics as best as possible.  There’s nothing in this fight that is incredibly random (sans bomb targets).

Good luck in your endeavors for this hard mode!  Leave questions if you have them, I’ll answer as best as possible…