... this isn't a World of Warcraft!

... this isn't a World of Warcraft!

Interesting?  Well.  Maybe not.  But I teach high school kids to play this instrument during the summer and fall in a competitive marching band.  So that’s always fun.

It’s strange how leading a World of Warcraft guild and teaching an instrument is very similar but very different.  When I lead, I can’t diagnose certain problems.  When I stand in front of students and watch their hands, I can fix it almost immediately.  And then I can watch the student keep trying at it or just not fix it at all.

This doesn’t translate well into the guild scenario.  You can’t force someone to fix something there.  You can’t hover and watch and frown slightly and get a reaction.  It’s tougher to try to stare at a graph than a student to see what the real issue is.

And you can’t observe their attitude.  You can only go by rhetoric or vocal tone over Ventrilo online.

I say this because, even when I’m not trying to adjust mallet heights or teach how to rebound out of the keyboard quicker, I still analyze and think about it everyday.  I analyze, I try to fix it, and if I can’t I get help.  There’s no help in the guild, really, because as an officer the expectation is high in terms of knowledge.

(And I do make mistakes.)

Either way.  I work 9 AM to 9 PM (with a 3-5 PM break in the middle), so I can’t raid this week… but I am still leveling my paladin (level 52 already).  And then I run my 10 man on Friday, which will be stacked for victory and not for failure.  I still got some very interesting insight into another healer synergy, which I plan on discussing either tomorrow or Thursday.

And perhaps Valdarion will get off his duff and post!