We worked on Iron Council’s hard and medium mode, and were unsuccessful.  But I had a sudden moment of clarity.

I love this game.  Even the really boring and easy stuff, I love healing.  I enjoy being a part of something that is still exciting.  Some things are still heart-pounding, adrenaline shooting moments… killing Yogg, doing OS 3-Drakes, choosing who lives and who may not live.

The people who I’ve played with have been the best folks, and while I may see some of them in my 10-man Friday + Sunday runs of Ulduar 10 (and possibly 3.2 Coliseum), I won’t get to see all 24 folks in a raid anymore.

I’ve handled massive server transfer recruiting.  I’ve dealt with problematic people.  I’ve fixed some people’s issues only to create new ones (and then had to fix them again).

Most of all, I’ve been able to play with my best friend in this game for almost our entire high school career going into college and was able to make many more friends (even see one at the beach).

I feel like I’ve impacted people for better or for worse, and no matter what the outcome was, I don’t regret it.

I’m going to miss this game in a larger scale.  But I have to spend more time with school and with work, so it has to happen… but I know that I could never stop playing completely.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has had to deal with me in a raid.  I want to wish the best for everyone, because there are so many awesome people (regardless of getting hit by an Overload or doing stupid things) who should progress in content.  But it’s up to you, guild, to do so.  You’ll probably go through this Blog if you haven’t found it and see some of the meaner things I’ve said.  Oh well.  Go ahead and whack me in the face with something later.  But if you guys seriously haven’t found it yet, you haven’t Googled it enough.

I hope that when I stop raiding, the guild does better and not worse.  I want to know that I was the one holding people back.  Because… that’s always a possibility.

This Blog will continue posting on 10-man and 3.2 soon, hopefully.  I’ve been a little busy with other things (piano final this coming week), so… that’s important!

In truth: it’s not a end, but a new beginning.


Bye, 25-mans!