The healer is the important player or players in a group that keep everyone healthy through use of cast and instant spells.  Each time a person dies, a possibility of winning an encounter slims drastically, especially when you are using a hard mode as an example.

But there are some guilds and raid leaders who use the healer as the cop out.  It’s a hard thing to analyze especially if there are faults in all three categories: tanking, damaging, and healing.

As a healer, I’ve been the subject of blame and the observer of faulty accusation.  I’ve seen our raiders even do it, and with a stern tongue lashing, I remind them that if there was a healing issue it’d be taken care of— and they are!

So here are a few questions you may need to ask and answer as a raid leader (or even healing leader) if there are issues to fix.

  • First Question: Is the raid taking too much damage?

This should be the first thing to look at.  Too much raid damage can be multiple factors: is your DPS taking damage that is preventable, such as…

  • Hodir’s Ice Shards and Biting Cold,
  • Any type of void zone,
  • Kologarn’s Focused Eyebeams,
  • XT-002 Deconstructor’s Life Spark debuff,
  • General Vezax’s Void Crashes and Mark of the Faceless,
  • Razorscale’s Devouring Flame.

These sources of damage are very avoidable and should be at all times!  Not every mechanic is meant to be healed through and these certainly aren’t.

Of course, there are sources that raid healers must power through in order for success like Steelbreaker’s High Voltage aura,   That would be healer fault if they can’t keep people healed through something like that.

Other gimmicks that are “healer fault” are…

  • Ignis’ Slag Pot,
  • Kologarn’s Right Arm using Stone Grip,
  • XT-002 Deconstructor’s Tympanic Tantrum, Gravity Bomb, and Light Bomb,
  • Freya’s “Fury of Nature” DoT during the large elder add phase.

There is also possibility your tanking situation may be incorrect.  There are times when tanks are just unable to take that amount of damage so it requires a sort of rotation or taunting.  These situations are generally not healer fault and more along the lines of a miscue given by a leader or tank although if healers aren’t paying attention that’s more or less going to kill you anyway:

  • Elder Stoneleaf’s Fists of Stone,
  • Heroic Kologarn (25-man)’s Brittle Skin debuff,
  • Some aspects of Mimiron,
  • Thorim’s Unbalancing Strike.

There are, of course, sources of damage that change depending on your strategy.  Poor assignments or knowledge of the fights can be just as bad as poor playing.  If an aspect of your strategy doesn’t work at all, it can prevent a lot of good playing from happening (e.g. too much movement in ranged DPS).  But these are only a few.

My point is that it’s not always the healer’s fault.  Especially in the hard modes, what will kill you the most is going to be a lack of strong DPS!  If a DPS does something stupid, like move into a Blizzard (e.g. Thorim hard mode), you’re going to take more damage and as a result, if something happens after it (such as a Frost Nova or Frostbolt), it’ll be more likely that person dies and takes the raid with them.

More or less, this isn’t a majorly comprehensive list, but you should get the point.  Watch your logs and make sure folks aren’t taking any extra damage!