There are two things in impatience that really drives me up a wall, especially that I’ve had a stressful (albeit rewarding) week of teaching children how to hit a bass drum in the right position or using the correct grip for four mallet playing.

Also, counting to 4 is fun!  Consecutively!

But when I log on, the last thing I expect is to get a lot of QQ from people who don’t necessarily have the right to.

Here’s the first situation.

  • “I came here to raid, not to sit.”

First off, if we’re doing new content, we’re not going to take someone wearing Naxx-equivalent epics.  Not only that, but Bert (name changed to protect innocence), you took an entire patch as a break.  You completely fucking missed Ulduar, so you feel that you deserve to have the same position as people who’ve been here since Day 1 and haven’t missed as much as you?

Right!  I completely understand.  You feel that you are so awesome that when you do come back, it’s almost like you haven’t been gone at all.  Nope, sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  You left and came back, so you are technically just like a new recruit.  And if you feel that a new person should just step into new content just because you feel like you deserve it, then go join another guild.  We don’t do that kind of thing.

And another point.  If you’re going to say “I respect you too much to disrespect you”, then say that you had something smart ass to say about one of my comments to you… what the hell are you learning in school nowadays?  I know, let’s tell the already angry person that you were going to have a “witty” retort only to say that you decided not to say it.

Just get out.  I don’t care where you go.  Get.  Out.

  • “Rusted Protodrakes”

Getting on my nerves is one thing.  But telling me what I want to do is another.  When Quackers (name changed) tells me I have to do something for you, that is almost like saying “because you’re a leader, you have to feel this way”.

I’m not going to lie.  I don’t feel that way at all.

A lot of folks going are motivated for the Rusted Proto-drake.  Some are for the gear.

I’m not at all.  I just want to raid for fun, really.  I’ve done it for a long time, I’ve done it with some emotionally draining folks who impress upon you the vital importance of having a mount.

But when you think about it, do you really care about the people who are trying to lead it?  The people trying to organize it and keep people from thinking you’re trying keep them from nice things?

Playing “selectiveness” is a hard method.  It gives me a headache.  It makes me angry and sad and almost every negative feeling comes into play when I have to choose between the “smart child who plays well” and the “kind of smart child who doesn’t play as well but is a nice person who does deserve nice things”.

It’s that conundrum that I think, keeps me a better person in terms of morality.  I hope it does.

But back to the point at hand.  Was I shying away from doing hard things (we’re working on Firefighter in 10-man Ulduar)?  No.  I’ve worked 9 hour days for the past 5 days, and it’s really taxing, and all I want to do is sit here and chill.  Please note, I stand for about 7 hours per day.  I’m kind of sunburnt, and when it comes down to it, I don’t drink many fluids because I’m too busy trying to keep children from getting off the “musical path”.

This kind of segueways into…

  • Self Entitlement

There are people who firmly believe that they should get nice things because they know they’ve worked harder than any person and play better than any person.  Some think just because they have epics, they’re automatically qualified.

No offense to Quackers, but there’s this attitude I don’t like.  And yes, I should have to play ball with all attitudes— but I don’t.  Why should I adjust to them if they aren’t going to adjust to me.

There is another person, who I’ll call Anyr.  He’s a great player, very strategic minded, but there’s this sense of “I’m so good at this game I deserve every thing, fuck everyone else”.

I even heard that Anyr, after getting a trinket he wanted from the new 5-man instance, ditched the rest of the group.  That’s no good.  That’s pretty stupid when there are officers involved.

There is this sense of entitlement that I don’t think people should ever have.  If you really think you deserve these things, then work harder with the people around you.  Don’t boss people around with the assumption that they have the same mindset as you.  Some people just don’t.  And if you assume, you know what it makes you.


  • Thank your raid leaders, please.

As a teacher, you don’t know how much it makes me happy to talk to parents who will thank you for your hard work and that they are happy to know how much their kids are doing well and getting better.

As a raid leader, you never do get thanks.  I don’t think people realize that the responsibilities are ridiculously demanding especially when you have 24 other raiders who have different mindsets, different personalities, and I seriously think that some assume that we just love doing this stuff so much that there’s no point to thanking someone who volunteered for the job.

I like to quote Bruce Willis, whose character in the Die Hard movies has stated so many times as being “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.  It’s like that with leadership.  Sometimes you don’t want to lead, but because you’re effective at doing it, you have to anyway.

If you don’t thank your raid leaders, I think you’re selfish.  It’s really all it is.  We play just like you do, only with a bunch of people bitching almost all the time.  If you think you are the only person who complains, think again.  If you think you’re the only person who doesn’t, you probably are right.

I believe we should set a “thank your leadership” day in WoW.  I also think I should get a pony for it, please.