So someone got a little mad about my last post.

Funny story: I know your IP address from the comment AND after a few clicks, I found a similar trace off of your IP on our forums.  You should have just said who you were.  It’s worse when you hide.  Also, I have to accept comments before they just show up, so, I haven’t deleted anything yet…

I’ll rebut with this — that’s how I felt after we last spoke.  Whether or not you think I’m “full of shit” or not about certain attitudes, that’s what I’ve gleaned.  I may be completely off with my opinion, but that’s what an opinion is for.  That’s what a blog is for.

I’m not going to say I was right.  Fuck, I may have just been completely off.  But I don’t care.  I’ll post what I want to post about, whether or not it’s public.

But anyway.  Here’s something to lighten the mood:

Raised eyebrow cat is raised eyebrow.

Raised eyebrow cat is raised eyebrow.