Ho hum!~

Twiddling my thumbs, typing a post at the same time~

So, what is there to talk about nowadays?

Well, I stopped caring about the new dailies almost one day after I did them, if that’s anything!  I’m doing the Heroic Dailies for the Triumph badges so if anything, I can get a ring sometime.

I haven’t even started the “new” mount dailies in Un’goro.  That place is only a source of negativity for me.  And let’s face it: I’m not known for my wanting to do dailies…

(I’m a terrible person, I don’t have Exalted with Sons of Hodir!)

To me, while I like playing the game, the dailies part is kind of a… game ender for me.  And because I really can’t afford to raid anymore (nor have the energy to want to), the only thing I do is level alts and chill out with friends.

I’ve been picking up other games: I put up a month for Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.  The one thing that really strikes me as fun is that an Orc in WoW is very different than the Orc in WAR, which is a completely different story.

Let’s do a comparison:

Note the angry face with angry teef.

Note the angry face with angry teef.

Noble, proud people... who should drop the staff and just kill things.

Noble, proud people... who should drop the staff and just kill things.

So, why would I prefer the angrier looking Warhammer Orc than the proud, noble World of Warcraft Orc?

  1. Their Stories: The World of Warcraft orc is still trying to reclaim themselves in honor and nobility.  After being corrupted by the drinking of Mannoroth’s blood, they’ve been fighting to keep their land and claim an unique, shamanistic, and overall pragmatic view of the world.  Meanwhile, the Ork from Warhammer just really wants to stomp people flat.  While the goblin classes of the Greenskin are relegated to ranged/healing, both the Black Ork and Choppa are meant to do one thing and one thing only: get in people’s faces and level them.  There is no measure of “moderation” or “control” for the WAR Orc, and that’s what makes them fun.
  2. The Bestial Side: Orcs in World of Warcraft are more or less, not “evil”.  In general, there are various smaller pockets (and Arthas, and the Legion) of evil.  But Alliance vs. Horde, neither are really considered evil.  They both have similar goals but in reality they just conflict to see who can win first.  In Warhammer, Destruction seriously just wants to destroy the world, conquer it as their own, and wreck folks.  Meanwhile, Order sit there and try to do things… kind of.
  3. We Look Scary: Despite the similarities of having green skin and pointy ears, the WoW orc has a sense of dutiful pride about them, regardless of how ridiculous you make them look.  Compare them to the WAR orc, who is really just a big face with really big teef, holding a very big choppa and wearing big shouldapads with pointy bits on them.  The only time you seriously look malicious as an WoW orc anything is to have raiding gear… mainly because anything less than that makes you look like a color blind doofus.  The only problem with WAR orc is that his highest tier helmet is… kind of a crown.
  4. The Dialect: WoW Orc speaks Orcish, but it’s really the “Common” language.  Then you have the WAR Orc, who speaks in a “Irish-Cockney-Thug” type of accent.  The designers of WAR did do a great job of emulating this sort of rough, brutal language.
  5. “Adrenaline-Fueled Metabolism”: The concept of maiming, destroying, and killing things until you’re dead… but gradually growing in size and strength and endurance and belligerence… yeah.  WoW Orcs have Blood Fury.  Hm.  I wonder which would hurt more…
  6. WAAAGH!: See the Merriam Webster definition of “awesome”.  Sorry WoW orcs… blood and thunder and some little totems are nice, so is the Bloodlust… but this is way more fun.  No matter the size of the WAAAGH!, from big to small, it’s the overwhelming power of a bunch of very angry voices that actually can destroy buildings!

And that’s why I love WAR.  Obviously, I’m still a big WoW player… but ya know.  :)