Let’s talk Cataclysm.

Now, as a relatively cynical and pessimistic person, I read the MMO-Champion update with confusion and dislike initially.  Unlike a few other folks I know, who expressed immediate dismay and almost rage about the subject, I’m not feeling too bad about the possibilities Cataclysm could hold.

  • First off, let’s talk about Worgen/Goblin.

My prediction is that most people will try out Worgen and stick with that the most.  To me, the Goblin race is not one I’d even try to play as… at any time, anywhere, any place.  Goblins are really just green gnomes.  And I really don’t like gnomes.  If anything, make the Goblin have the innate 1% hit rating for the raid buff just like those gosh darn space-goats.

The concept that MMO-Champion explains for Gilneas and the not-crazy Worgen race is sort of eyebrow raising.  If someone like Varian Wrynn (AKA “Captain Asshole”) can’t help but hate everything that is Horde (even though Jaina is all for the orc brothers, if you know what I mean) how can he be suddenly accepting of these demons, regardless of the disease?  I can see how reputation wise it could be handled like the Undead is for all other races, but it just doesn’t pan out for me in a very good way.

They also say that there would be a human and worgen form choice.  Interesting.  It can be approached several ways, such as Druid forms… or possibly Warrior stances.  But I don’t like either for that.  If anything, make the Worgen form a “racial” that can be used for a certain amount of time that makes things more powerful (a la Blood Fury).  That’d be pretty nice.

Also, the phasing system is awesome.  If they handled Worgen like Death Knights, I’m okay with that.

The new content (and lore)…

… which would be mostly old content revamped, could be very interesting.  To remake all old raid dungeons just like they are doing to Onyxia in 3.2.2 would be fantastic.  Giving people the opportunities to experience this stuff and not just get Hydraxian Waterlord reputation would be great.  However, to attach new rewards for those “old world” reputations would be somewhat iffy, especially if you’re one of those weird people who grind every faction to Exalted.

The Barrens revamped has had it coming.  That place sucks.  No one likes going there.  Ghostlands/Bloodmyst are way better zones to level, and really, it’s a waste of space.

Azshara has been the dumping ground of super stupid town for a while.  If they turn it into a 10-20 zone, that’s great, but it’ll kind of suck running through Ashenvale.  That place needs a serious retuning to make it a location that doesn’t have a nasty stigma attached to it.

Orgrimmar destroyed?  Thrall leaving the place to Garrosh Hellscream?  I don’t like the way the lore is turning now.  Not to mention Cairne being seen as a traitor?  I don’t like that.  Don’t like that one bit, really.

Using older dungeons to get from 80 to 85, without a new zone, would be a little tedious.  It doesn’t give a major incentive to level up unless you’re just looking to raid for progression.

Oh boy, a Wailing Caverns update!  It’ll be more green!  Woo… hm.  And oh boy, Gnomeregan!

Azshara and Deathwing may make an appearance.  Can we say, “Serpentshrine Cavern was merely a setback?”

I’m not a huge fan of lore, but I’m sure someone is peeing themselves in a rage QQ over all of that schtick on MMO.

Finally, class/race combination and why some work and some don’t.

  • Human Hunter

Possible combination.  Hunters should be one of those classes that stretch along most lines anyway.  It’s just as obligatory as a rogue.

  • Orc Mage

Not so much.  While orcs can be warlocks and shaman, do they possess the magical underpinnings for the arcane?  They went from nature to demons, nothing in between.  If anything, it seems like all magics go to darkness eventually.

  • Night Elf Mage

Questionable overall.  Doesn’t seem like this is completely necessary as they do have druids.  See Tauren Paladin.

  • Dwarf Mage

Remember in the beta when Dwarves could be mages?  Who cares.

  • Blood Elf Warrior

You have paladin.  Why do we need warriors?

  • Dwarf Shaman

… no thanks.  This makes as much sense as a Tauren rogue.  How come we can’t have any of those?!

  • Undead Hunter

If a human can do it… so can the Forsaken.

  • Tauren Paladin

Okay, this is the one of the more ridiculous yet completely possible options.  The Tauren are indeed a noble race, they’ve never really done anything wrong in terms of lore… not to mention the recent quest they added with 3.2 kind of indicates a sort of tendency towards the Light, while those Night Elves are more leaning towards the Moon.  Perhaps this is more justification for Night Elf mages if the moon equals Arcane.

  • Tauren Priest

Holy cow.  Wait, that’s been done.  Damn.  Now I can have a female Tauren priest!  Screw those elves, I want a War Stomp…

  • Gnome Priest

I hate gnomes.  But… yeah.

  • Troll Druid

Teehee, tusks EVERYWHERE! Seriously, I’d level a Troll druid (even though I have a Tauren one).  This sort of makes sense given the Trolls being… well, I guess, so awesome that they should be Druids too.  I believe there are Troll Druid of the Fang, so this can work…?

So, with all of that, overall?  Could be worse.  It’s not like Aion Online or Champions Online or even a future Warhammer Online expansion would stop the craziness that World of Warcraft creates.  Heck.  It might even be fun.  But it’s still far off from a possible date for a release, and heck, all of this could just be conjecture and complete bullshit.  It’s still fun to pretend though.

On another hand, I turn another page in the age category on Thursday.  Hooray!