A while back, I posted something on our forums on how to interpret the World of Logs chart intelligently.  Here, I will demonstrate the things at any role you should be looking for!

Learning/teaching tool, or e-peen monitor?  You be the judge.

Learning/teaching tool, or e-peen monitor? You be the judge.

World of Logs, to me, is one of the better combat log parsing systems out there… and hopefully, you’ll see why!  Try it out at their website.

Make sure you have the upper bar set properly!

  • One thing that’s difficult about the World of Log setup is that you need to make sure you have the correct things checked off.  You are able to control the Damage Done, Damage Taken, Healing Done, Healing Taken, Friendly Fire, Deaths Overview, a Combat Log, and Comparing Fights.  For the most part, you may want to be looking at the bolded ones… there are moments when looking at the “Taken” measurements are useful (e.g. who is taking the most damage from stupid, both healing and damage is good for this).

Check yourself!

  • For damage, use the highest DPS as an example.  There are two possible scenarios: you will have either a bar that ascends and descends frequently (this being indicative of a few things, but most crit-based classes follow this rule) or a sustained (albeit possibly lower than your first case crit-based raider).  Make sure everyone is checked off before you do this; WoL will automatically have the top 3 checked off!
  • Now check another person off of the same role.  You will want to compare melee with melee, ranged with ranged.  Sometimes a fight caters more to a specific DPS type and you will not want to compare apples with oranges in this interpretation.  Look how the (usually orange) raid DPS trends.  Is a person normally lower than another person in the same role at the same time?  If so, that’s a warning sign for a few things… possibly too much moving, a raid gimmick not being followed properly, etc.  Look at other folks and compare what’s going on.
  • If you’re a healer, there are a few things to look for.  Generally, druids will hug the average healing curve. If they’re not setting the curve, they’re not being proactive enough or your other healers are kicking that druid’s ass.  A good Discipline priest will be far above and beyond the druid curve as World of Logs will compute Absorptions!!! If for some reason you see moments of a healer’s activity being at 0 (being at the bottom of the Y-Axis), they better be dead.  There is always something to do, always something to heal… promote the concept of “should never have 0” for the healers. Every class healer now has a “HoT” component that should be up as much as possible on whatever assignment they have.

What does this all mean?

  • For starters: there are fights that cater to ranged or melee. Ignis is friendlier to melee: casters have to stopcast, if we get potted we have to run back (but still use instants for maintaining DPS).
  • However. If you are generally lower than the orange line OR spike up and down, but are generally lower than higher, then you might need to check your DPS.  Another (and unfortunate) concern is that your raid DPS may not be high enough due to enough folks being lower than the average and reducing your efficiency.  WoL is best for checking this!
  • For healers, maybe it’s your UI. We need to be able to click on targets easily and get heals out as soon as possible.  If your UI is preventing you from reacting, do something about it!

I hope this helps some of you.  I know it helped some in LE, so… yeah!  Win.  Remember, most of this is just interpretative data and is only founded on some (and probably flawed) logic.  Use what works, don’t use what doesn’t, and don’t bitch about it because it’s my birthday, damnit.