I haven’t blogged here for a while because I’ve been too busy doing homework for another class that requires a blog (I know, weird, I should be using both or something).

What is there to mention in the WoW?  Well, nothing much, tbh.  We all know Ony is coming back.  We know that the new raid is fun and a little difficult in some places but overall is short and gives lots of pretty things out to the raiders.

If anything, some interesting things have happened in our guild that resulted in some drama.

Here’s a very short summary.

  • Raider expresses dismay in doing farmed content (Ulduar) and says that they want to not come for those nights.
  • Officer is concerned; says there are still people who need gear and doing it is still good for badges, good for keeping focus up…
  • Raider disagrees, though understands.
  • Loot council decides to break a trend in gear distribution to “test” reaction of the aforementioned raider.
  • This raider gquits, being angry.  He posts the conversation between him and the officer on the forums.
  • The raider’s wife gets a little upset, so does another raider, after raid takes a few minutes to explain what happened.
  • Officers decide to move the conversation to a private forum.
  • The gquitting raider threatens to post the conversation to our realm forums unless we move it back; we don’t, as the conversation pretty much was cut and dry that he was going to pick and choose raids at his own leisure for gear (corroborating logic dictated that while he said he was here for the people, he was still upset about loot concerns; his past incidents in our old guild also supported this).
  • The former has decided to quit WoW; the latter hasn’t showed up for a raid in the past two days.
  • We pick up a bunch of new folks (a warlock, a rogue, a druid) who are awesome.
  • Nothing has stopped our raiding since.
  • Kitts is perma-standby in raids right now because school is ridiculous.

More things to mention…

I love League of Legends, it’s an amazing game and you should go see it.  I was invited to their closed beta, and with the power of invites, got some of our guildies into it before it went open beta recently.

Aion Online is surprisingly not a terrible game, but the amount of bitching and comparison to WoW is unbearable.  It’s hilarious how much I’ve seen that…

  1. Aion Online is a more mature game than World of Warcraft.
  2. World of Warcraft is for morons.
  3. Rogues are ridiculously overpowered and don’t need to do much to win.
  4. Same with hunters.
  5. World of Warcraft is a dumb game and a grindfest.
  6. Aion Online is superior because you can fly and don’t need a flying mount.

While these 6 things are pretty the dumbest things I’ve heard… my favorite part so far with Aion Online is the chain system.  You’re able to link up attacks into one another, and as you get higher levels, you increase your chain.  Generally, there are smaller break-offs that will benefit you (e.g. normal attack into an attack boosting + damage shield), and those are good to use.  Not to mention single debuff attacks.

What I don’t like currently with Aion is the whole “being dead” thing.  It sucks to die.  It’s worse than Blade’s Edge Mountain prior to the addition of graveyards.  Also, flying should be faster and shouldn’t only be stuck to a minute if you can help it… you’re able to gather things in the sky, and plummeting to my death is not my favorite thing to do.

Anyway.  I’m sure I’ll have more witty observations with World of Warcraft later.  I apologize though, there’s actually readers who come here… and I don’t like scaring them off.  :(