A list is a blessing for people who really don’t want to sift through a lot of extra details.  I’m one of those people.  I want it to be short; a quick read that will tell me what I should and shouldn’t do.

Here’s such a list for Discipline priest stats, spells, gems, and strategies… and a brief explanation for why or why not.

  • Stats: Spell power -> Intellect -> Crit -> Spirit -> MP5 -> Haste!
    • Reasoning is that intellect and spirit benefit from Kings (a must have in raids).
    • Spell power is crucial as we don’t get any from talents (unlike our Holy brethren).
    • Intellect boosts mana and crit.  Indirectly affects our regen through Replenishment.
    • Crit increases Divine Aegis procs.  Enough said.
    • MP5 and Spirit depend on your current gear levels.
    • We only need 11% (only includes talents, does not include raid buffs) to be hard haste capped.  6% if you have all raid buffs applicable to spell casting speed.
  • Spells: Power Word: Shield + Penance + Flash Heal + Prayer of Mending = Profit!
    • PW:S does so many things for you, no reason to not cast it.
    • Penance’s first tick is instant.  Heals almost as effective as Greater Heal (based on observation, not math).
    • Prayer of Mending should always be on cooldown..  Incredibly efficient and the bouncing properties are excellent in general, given the amount of AoE damage that occurs often.
    • Flash Heal is our filler spell when we don’t bubble the raid and our Penance and PoM are down.  Efficiency is boosted by late Discipline talents.
    • Greater Heal is a major no-no.  Prayer of Healing is situational at best.  Holy Nova… only on Thorim in the Arena!
    • Renew is a good tank healer; do not cast on multiple targets (you have PW:S for this)!
    • Divine Hymn is an amazing heal but note the huge mana cost, synergize with Inner Focus if you have it.
  • Gems: Note the prefixes to gems are the suggested; all qualities are epic to assume raid ready.
    • Any blue socket will benefit from Nightmare Tear (+10 to all stats— spirit, int, and stamina all getting a small boost) or get a Purified Dreadstone (12 SP, 10 Spi).  It really depends on what you need— more int?  Or spell power?
    • Yellow sockets will benefit the most from Luminous Ametrine (12 SP, 10 Int) the most.  You cannot have enough Intellect.
    • Red sockets will benefit the most from Runed Cardinal Ruby (23 SP).
    • Best meta gems for us will be Insightful Earthsiege diamond (21 Int, Chance for 600 mana on cast) and Ember Skyflare Diamond (25 SP, 2% Int).  I prefer the former due to the mana gains and the fact I’m ridiculous at life; some places will cite the other to be best at a certain level of Int.
  • Raid Roles: Opinion at its finest.
    • Tank Healing- Keep shield up at all times.  React quickly to damage and control it with Penance.  PoM when it’s up.  Renew should be up most of the time, but should not take precedence to anything else.  Mindless healing is still bad, regardless of Divine Aegis proccing.  Use Pain Suppression when needed.  Suggesting to leave any Dispels to other folks in raid unless you’re the only one up.
    • Raid Healing- Keeping shields up on all raiders will be taxing mana-wise; be cautious and aware of damage.  Knowing your raid will be helpful as well.  Having a raid monitor to observe where aggro is can be great to prevent.  Do not use Renew.  Save your PoM + Penance combination for a quick tank burst.  Flash Heal for any smaller, controlled damage being taken.  Dispel/Abolish when you can.

I hope this condensed list is helpful; observations are always nice.  I’m not a Theorycrafter and will never debate weightings or numbers… because really, I’m a person who learns through experience and not a silly ass gear weighting!

In other news, I’m an awesome Retribution Paladin.