… I really like Retribution paladin DPS.

Okay, I must admit.  I’m a terrible tank.  You can ask any guild member from Shenanigans and some earlier Naxxramas times of WotLK (in Lowered Expectations), and you’ll get “Don’t let him tank”.  You should also ask whether a person named Bella is a good tank.  Same answer.

But enough about Bella, more about me.

To me, Ret DPS is very simple but easily messed up if you are one of those impatient types that slams a button until it works.  It’s a reaction that is easier for me to understand versus DoT ticks as a Shadow priest (and I’m somewhat mediocre at that).  I like the fact I get to twirl around and slap things with an axe.  It’s refreshing.

If I get my time to do this job, I’ll be happy.  It’s energizing when you hop in as your kind of alt and accomplish Hodir 25-man hard (even when you don’t do that much DPS or contribute, really).  I like to say I’m a generally good player; some people may disagree with that, but it does reinforce the concept of “bring the player, not the class”.

(Of course, they don’t mention ROLE…)

What else is new?  I’m leveling a shaman up slowly.  I’ve decided that if I’m going to be insane, I’ll level up each healing class and know through personal experience how to do it.

I have my priest, Kitts.  Kitsu is my druid.  Vulpix is my paladin.  And now Fugu (after the poisonous pufferfish) is my shaman (though I’m aching for another pokemon named character).  Then we have a myriad of other alts.

Oh, and did I mention I stepped down from officership for a probably permanent time?  Yeah… but that’s for another story, I think.

Good night blog.