As a relatively able person, with actual experience in and out of the World of Warcraft scene, I was wondering.

Do you think that guilds, specifically the raid leader or guild leaders, need consultations?  Maybe reviews?

I’d like to think that as a person whose started two guilds, assisted in both for a lengthy time… assisted in a third, though not created, has had 4 years of managing and education experience, and has taken some leadership seminars…

Is there a place for a Guild Consultant in this game?  If so, I’d totally want to be one.  I think there are guilds that could use the assistance in what they could be doing wrong, what they are doing right, and possibly going into see what their own guild members think.

Does anyone else think that could be somewhat… well, not so much profitable, but interesting?  I could charge for it.  Though I don’t think anyone would pay for something like that.  :p