… or why Kitts hates patch days.

Ysera (US-PvE, east coast) has this nasty tendency to explode violently every time we have a patch day.  The last major maintenance day, we had horrible lag and hiccups and they had to take it down and fix it.  When Ulduar released, the Alliance guilds on our side (who are amazing) couldn’t get in— they were contenders for another US first, at most.  Every time we have even a small patch that fixes one or two things, our server suddenly has seizures and collapses, twitching on the ground… tongue lolling about, and gasping for air.

I really, really hate patch days.  It affects everyone, no matter if you’re a raider or just a person who started to level… not knowing the dangers of the server.

Anyway, there’s unfortunately nothing to write home about for priest changes.  Our Divine Aegis lower ranks will now work properly with Holy Nova, so that’s… well, okay.  Notably, there is a fix to our Glyph of Power Word: Shield that will use our crit chance over others.  Seeing as the glyph more or less is only good for… well, not that much of our healing, that’s nice but not that exciting.

Meanwhile, I believe our shadowy kin are getting buffed through Twisted Spirit, which will now increase the amount of spirit converted into spell power by 10% (originally, 10% of spirit went into spell power— it is now 20%).  Also, Improved Spirit Tap can proc off of Mind Flay crits.  That is exceptionally good for our shadow priests, because if you consider the aforementioned change, it’ll increase that damage as well!

I have to mention the change to the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (25 player) achievement.  The requirement was dropped down to 50 from 25.  Well that’s not fair.  I frankly enjoyed the time spent farming them, and the time panicking when a tank died and 10 of those bitches started to run around and clobber the healers.  Man!   I’m surely going to miss that forever.

(I will not miss that.)

Did you also see the change to the Immortal Guardians in the Yogg-Saron encounter?  The Drain Life won’t occur as much.  Generally, that’s pretty nice.  But seeing as we’ve been doing everything but actually seriously trying to get to Yogg, who cares.  We’ve been hammering away at the ToC raids (10 and 25), normals and hards.  We actually killed the Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus last night.  Not so much the Faction Champions who thwarted our attempts.  We almost figured out the key when our druid had to go, and then people following that…

And finally, with the release of that new raid boss… oh wait, not new at all: Onyxia, I’m going to laugh when people get wrecked by Deep Breath.  Seriously.  I did that fight tons of times back in Vanilla WoW, so I’m going to hopefully not explode.  However, given some of the changes since then (not having aggro issues, the ability to not be feared all the time), I expect the encounter to be less forgiving damage wise seeing as some of the more difficult issues will have less impact than prior.

Oh!  I should comment on paladin changes now.  I’m very happy for the fix to Seal of Corruption for us BElf paladins; that whole not-using-our-correct-DoTs thing will be helpful.  Seal of Command is now a cleave of some sort; interesting concept but because it doesn’t necessarily change the damage output on single target fights (or in general, bosses) then I don’t think it’d be used still over our SoCoR.

But that’s it for now.  I have to go play some piano for a lesson then observe a classroom.  Have a good… day or two or three or infinity.